One Piece – Amazon Lily Arc (Episodes 406 – 421) Review

One Piece AL Arc

I was warned that the Amazon Lily arc of One Piece was… not very good, to put it mildly. I assumed it would just be a silly jokey thing sandwiched in between an arc with a darker ending, and two arcs that are also far more dramatic to come, and I was right for the most part, it’s just the silly jokes turned out to be old-fashioned and really not very funny. The best compliment I can give it is that it’s mercifully short! So let’s have a look…


After his defeat at the hands of Kuma in Sabaody Archipelago, Luffy is sent flying and crash lands on Amazon Lily, an island exclusive to women that executes males on sight…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

One Piece AL Arc 2

Love Luffy’s nonplussed expression here…

Monkey D. Luffy (Mayumi Tanaka / Colleen Clinkenbeard) –  The Straw Hat crew have been sent across the globe to different locations, and Luffy has landed on the island full of hostile Amazonian women who kill men on sight… so he’s not in for an easy time.

Boa Hancock (Kotono Mitsuishi / Lydia Mackay) – Boa Hancock is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the leader of Amazon Lily, an island of women. She is vein to the extreme, but she does have her good points… sort of?

Boa Sandersonia & Marigold (Chiwa Saito / Lindsay Seidel & Kimiko Saito / Julie Mayfield) – The two sisters of Hancock, they share the same tragic backstory she does, but they have less ego and vanity, maybe because they’re not as much of a looker as their sister…

Marguerite (Masumi Asano / Whitney Rodgers) – An Amazon Lily guard who first comes across Luffy and mistakes him for an injured woman from a village…

Portgas D. Ace (Toshio Furukawa / Travis Willingham) – Ace is Luffy’s brother and a high-ranking member of the White Beard Pirates, a fact that has led to his capture by the Marines. He is soon to be executed, or cause a great war trying…

The Straw Hat Crew (Various)The other members of the Straw Hats have landed on a variety of different islands, all seemingly containing ways to help improve them, though many of them find that hard to see right now…

Plus more!

The Good:

One Piece AL Arc 3

Luffy has a hard decision to make in one of the few interesting parts of this arc…

There were a few glimmers of goodness here and there. Luffy reacting to the news of his brother’s impending execution and his struggle to prioritise it over reuniting with his crew was a good bit of character development, and some of the stand-alone stories showing what was happening to the other Straw Hat crew members was … alright. Nami being in a weather-based island with an amusing old man character, Zoro trapped with Perona the negative ghost girl, Brook ending up in the middle of a devil summoning ceremony and being (unsurprisingly) mistaken for Satan, and Franky doing a weird dance with some strangers in a snowy wasteland were all amusing…

We got our first proper look at “Haki”, a type of power that will be used to power up out crew going forward. That was interesting. Oh and the first two episodes were weird non-canon “Edo period set” filler episodes again, which are harmless…

The Bad:

One Piece AL Arc 1

Luffy blinds the women with the light of his penis, apparently!?

Well, the bad… yeah. Pretty much everything. Luffy on an old-fashioned island of tribal girls who are shocked at the fact he has a penis, and so on and so forth. Eventually we meet the leader of the island, Boa Hancock, who is the most (intentionally) stuck up and arrogant woman you’ll ever meet, but instead of it being funny, it’s extremely obnoxious. We eventually find out that Boa, along with her sisters, are ex-slaves, as if that bit of tragedy is supposed to make her attitude okay… Then she falls in love with Luffy and becomes all lovestruck and silly around him, which suddenly makes this female leader look really weak and girly, which is even more old-fashioned!

Even the one big fight scene between Luffy and Hancock’s two sisters wasn’t very interesting, as it just had our protagonist get hit around the arena a bunch because he doesn’t know how to use the Haki power yet. Throw in lots of obnoxious or dull characters and we have a painful arc to sit through.

The episodes afterwards, mostly focusing on the other Straw Hat members adventures, are often bookended by really unfunny sketches of Hancock trying to hide Luffy on the marine boat she’s on (in order to get Luffy to Impel Down, where his brother is being kept) and some of the actual adventures were dull. Then there’s Sanji’s island adventure, where he ends up on an island of transvestite men who act like crazy lustful homosexuals in a story that is somehow even more out-of-date than the actual Amazon Lily arc itself! It made me laugh in how out of touch it was, shaking me head “really?”. Even in Japan, where they often still hold Gay people in that comedic, leather police cap kind of light, this was low…

Overall Thoughts:

One Piece AL Arc 4

We may have a new winner for the “weirdest picture to post out of context” award.

Amazon Lily is mercifully short, but while it’s on it’s far more often cringey and unfunny than it is worth watching. Save yourself some time and just skip to the next arc and say in your head “Luffy is headed to the prison where Ace is”. I obviously haven’t seen the next arc yet, but I can’t imagine it’s worse than this, very few things could be…

1 Star Watch

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