My Top 10 TV Series/Seasons of 2020

Another year, another set of three Top 10s! This year saw a lot of films and a few TV series get delayed due to a certain global pandemic, but thankfully (for this list, it matters little compared to the death of over a million people, for the record…) there was enough that I can create another Top 10! Much like every year I’d like to point out that this is the Top 10 of the series I’ve watched, I don’t claim to have watched everything, or even a lot really… Still, fun to do, so let’s get on it!

While I’m sure this CG Transformers series only makes it on due to me not having watched a whole lot of new-in-2020 series, I will repeat what I said in the review in that it takes the classic 80s Transformers show, adds the more brutal and adult vibe from the 80s Transformers movie, and actually creates what was a really fun mini-series. I’m actually looking forward to the next two chapters, which is something I never thought I’d say about a CG series… (My review of the series can be found HERE)

I know beyond my occasional review of wrestling games I don’t talk about the pseudo-sport on this blog, but this behind-the-scenes documentary series following the last few years of The Undertaker’s career was as poignant as it was interesting. Seeing someone I grew up loving not be able to pull himself away from the job he loves even though his body is crumbling around him and his wife and child love him was often heartbreaking, but it was also fascinating, and sometimes funny. Let’s just hope this retirement actually sticks so the series’ ending can continue to make sense…

Castlevania’s animated series has been a constant unexpected highlight since it debuted a few years ago, and while the big event finished up Season 2, this third season instead told a more original and self-contained story that was still entertaining, and set up some interesting possibilities for the future… (My review of this season can be found HERE)

The Last Kingdom is something I don’t review on this website because the exaggerated historical setting doesn’t really fit with the rest of the blog’s sci-fi/comic book/anime/gaming vibe. Still, I enjoyed the latest series of The Last Kingdom enough that I wanted to put it on this list, especially as we head away from King Alfred and into the era of King Edward and Aethelflaed, a period rarely covered in retellings of the Viking age.

The Boys is an odd show. Sometimes its extreme violence, explicit sex scenes and over-use of the word… erm, c***, makes me dislike it, like it’s trying too hard to be “adult and cool”, but then other times it tells a really well written story with legitimately interesting characters and often builds up to great season finales. This was the case with Season 2, though a villain this time round nearly made me straight up quit due to how unpleasant she was… (My review of the season can be found HERE)

I’m putting “The Clone Wars – Season 7” here, but let’s face it, I may as well just be putting “The Clone Wars – Season 7: The Siege of Mandalore” because the final four episodes are what made this one-off return of the animated series so special and so worth tracking down, the duel between Ahsoka and Maul especially. Definitely a highlight of the year, though not the highest Star Wars series on this list… (My review of this season can be found HERE)

Doctor Who’s twelfth series (since its 2005 return) was full with a lot more interesting and genuinely fun stories, but it’s the final three episodes, episodes that may well have changed the entire nature of the near-60 year old show, that made it worth talking about. Will these twists help or hurt the show in the long run? Who knows, but I know that it got the Doctor Who community talking, and that’s always fun (so long as you ignore a certain sexist part of the community, anyway…) (My review of the final two episodes can be found HERE, with the rest of the series’ episodes available to look at on the Thirteenth Doctor’s page HERE)

Sadly the only anime to make onto the Top 10 this year (though some good ones have started in the Autumn line up, but I count the year a season ends as the year they’re eligible!) My Hero Academia continues to pull out the dramatic action alongside some genuinely heart-felt, tear-jerking moments. The first half of the season was truly something special, with the second half a bit more basic, much like the Season that preceded it. Let’s hope the streak continues! (My review of the Blu-Ray release of the first half of Season 4 can be found HERE)

The Umbrella Academy was a surprise hit for me last year (though I didn’t include it in last year’s Top 10… must have forgot, I guess…?) and thankfully Season 2 not only carried on that momentum, but managed to top it. The 60s setting added some interesting wrinkles, but in reality it was just the amazing cast and tongue-in-cheek humour that carried it to another fun cliffhanger. (My review of the season can be found HERE)

To anyone who has been following this blog throughout 2020 will not be surprised to put this show at the number 1 spot. Not only was it a great series by itself, not only did it add some layers to our main protagonist and follow the core story well, but it also through a whole host of Star Wars characters from films, animated shows and even the books, but never did so for the hell of it, always making sure these characters were in the show for a reason and moved it in a new and interesting directions. The Mandalorian Season 2 is a very good TV season, and if you’re a Star Wars fan, it’s an AMAZING TV season… (My very spoilery review of the season can be viewed HERE)

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