Doctor Who: Under Pressure Review

The first in three random “left over” stories that appear in “The Age of Chaos” GN is an odd story, it’s an adventure with the Fourth Doctor where he meets up with the Third Doctor, told to Ace by the Seventh Doctor. So it’s a Seventh Doctor story but one that almost exclusively features the Fourth and Third. It was also extremely hard to find pictures for, but I managed it without resorting to breaking the book’s spine and scanning it myself! Hooray! Let’s take a look…


The Doctor tells Ace a story about when he helped himself diffuse a crisis with the Sea Devils.

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

Everyone loves a good bit of Sea Devilin’ …. Well, apart from those being killed by them, obviously.

Ignoring the framing device used to make this fit in to the “current” Doctor Who era, the story of the Fourth Doctor arriving on a submarine that gets attacked by Sea Devils and then hearing his older self give advice from ashore was a fun one. As the string-vested ones enter the sub and begin killing soldiers The Doctor remembers what he said to his older self and the two of them work out a signal that convinces the Sea Devils that another catastrophe was about to befall Earth and that they had to go back into hiding. A simple plot, but a fun one. The Third Doctor looks forward to seeing this new scientist that was aboard the sub but the Fourth leaves in the TARDIS sharpish.

The Bad:

This panel… is pretty pointless, but I really struggled to get four. Still, The Doctor has Jelly Babies! It’s a classic!

As I said, the framing device of The Doctor telling Ace the tale is seemingly just because this was the 1992 Yearbook and he was still the “current” Doctor, but otherwise it was pointless. It just took up a few panels that could’ve been used to flesh out the main story a little bit more.

Also the artwork is a bit wonky. It’s very “painted over real photos” in places, and for some reason Jo has brown hair rather than blonde, which is confusing as hell. Still, the artwork isn’t a major turn-off or anything. I’ve seen worse in more modern comics…

The Continuity:

Jo asks The Doctor who the man on the screen is while he ponders when Jo dyed her hair…

The Sea Devils first appeared in Third Doctor TV classic “The Sea Devils”, and later reappeared in Fifth Doctor TV not-so-classic “Warriors of the Deep”. They have yet to reappear on TV but have made a few appearances elsewhere, including a modern redesign in the Twelfth Doctor comic “The School of Death”.

The Third and Fourth Doctors (along with 5-8) do eventually meet in the final part of the audio “The Legacy of Time” titled “Collision Course”. Though as with all these multi-Doctor meetings only the oldest incarnation present actually remembers anything…

Overall Thoughts:

“Oh My…” … Well, that’s one way to react to a killer creature appearing on your submarine, I guess.

Under Pressure is a short but fun story where arguably my two favourite Doctors take on the Sea Devils… briefly. The Seventh Doctor framing device is a bit naff and the artwork a bit off but given its length and fun story I can’t rag on it too much. Harmless fun.

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