DW: Tooth and Claw (Comic) Reivew

In the first of many things from the Eighth Doctor DWM comic run that will make you think of Russell T. Davies, Tooth and Claw the comic sees not only mythical creatures (though more like vampires than werewolves) but also sees the debut of Fey Truscott-Sade, a character that would go on to appear a fair few times across the magazine’s history. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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DW: The Keep / Fire and Brimstone Review

It’s fitting that the first Eighth Doctor DWM comic story after the already-covered Endgame is one that features the Threshold, given it was finally reading Ground Zero that made me decide to cover them in between the Lost Stories. What I’d forgotten about though was the inclusion of The Daleks, who I’d only remembered appearing in these Eighth Doctor strips when they become colour. Do all these elements (and more!) make a cohesive story? Let’s find out!

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New irregular Doctor Who Marathon in-coming!

DW Announcement

Small update: Now the Titan Comics coverage has come to an end (well, for now, I’ll get to the more recent ones soon) I couldn’t decide between the Big Finish Lost Stories range and the DWM Eighth Doctor comics in terms of older Doctor Who stuff to cover, so I’ve decided to do both! Yes, over the coming months you’ll see either a Lost Story or a DWM Eighth Doctor comic review pop up from time to time, never enough to dominate the blog, and always taking a back seat to newly released Who, but they’ll be there, and in this order:

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DW: Ground Zero Review

DW Ground Zero

Here we go then, the titular story and one of those infamous things you hear about as you start to dive deeper into fandom. While I won’t spoil the twist here, I have a spoiler warning in the review part for a reason, you’ve no doubt heard about why this story is so infamous at some point in your Who travels. Still, beyond THAT reason, is the story any good? Does it serve as a good lead in to the fantastic DWM Eighth Doctor comic run? Let’s find out!

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DW: Black Destiny Review

DW Black Destiny

We’re nearing the end of our run through the Ground Zero GN, with just this story to go before we reach the final and titular tale. Black Destiny, much like most of the stories in this run, is set during a rarely seen time, in this case it’s The Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry, who are on the way back to Earth after having just dealt a blow to the Cybermen (though let’s face it, had Liz Sladen and Ian Marter still been alive, Big Finish would have mined this period dry!) and deals with zombies and Chernobyl. Now there’s a combo! Let’s have a look…

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DW: Operation Proteus Review

DW Operation Proteus

Continuing on with looking at the comic stories contained within the Ground Zero GN, we now go back down the line of The Doctor to see the original (erm, well…. No, let’s just stick with original…) and his Granddaughter Susan in the still relatively rare pre-Unearthly Child period of their lives. Is this another fun three-issue romp? Let’s find out!

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DW: The Curse of the Scarab Review

DW Curse of the Scarab

While I’ve finished playing catch up with the Doctor Who Audios, I just need to quickly run down the stories featured in the Graphic Novel “Ground Zero”, but as each story features a different Doctor I can’t group them up, so there may be a bit of a comicathon coming up!

Curse of the Scarab is set during that rare period of Fifth Doctor and Peri, a period that TV-wise was just two stories long, and also features the return of the Orsiran race. These were probably unique things back in the 90s, but Big Finish and Titan Comics of recent years have put an end to that! Let’s take a look anyway…

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DW: The Clockwise War Review

DW The Clockwise War

The Clockwise War promised a lot. It was the last Twelfth Doctor story in DWM, it featured the return of classic DWM character Fey, and the cover promised a look at a younger version of the War Doctor at long last. Somehow, The Clockwise War managed to pull all of this off to become the best DWM comic story since The Flood, and given how much I like the 8th Doctor’s DWM run, that says a lot! So let’s take a closer look…

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