Doctor Who: The Last Word Review

While it’s hard to talk about a seven page one-off DWM comic story entirely based on three books I’ve never read, I can’t leave one story out because I’m just one of those people. So, here we are: The Last Word, a special strip celebrating ten years of the Virgin New Adventures line. Is it worth a glance? Let’s find out!


The Doctor is attempting to write a novel about his adventures with Benny and Ace. As he writes, he recounts a recent adventure with the duo during which they were all together at Smithwood Manor…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

Imagine if after every adventure The Doctor sat down at a typewriter and wrote it out… “Oh Doctor, not again! Can’t we go outside on an amazing adventure right away?”

Despite only being seven pages it actually starts and ends with a framing device of The Doctor recounting the adventure, which I thought was odd but actually in the end allowed Ace to have a strop about being used as a pawn again and Benny to made a snide remark, so for that reason it works, it is a celebration of the VNA after all…

Otherwise the actual story sees The Doctor send Ace and Benny to two weak points in time to intentionally mess things up so the infamous Timewyrm from the first three NA books can try and break free from the “Puterspace” it was trapped in. The “wyrm” manages to pull The Doctor into the realm only to find out this was The Doctor’s plan all along as he traps the Timewyrm in Puterspace forever by removing its ability to travel between dimensions.

… That’s it!

The Bad:

It’s the main mcguffin, though to be fair at seven pages it’s hard to build up an object’s relevance…

I mean, it’s really short and entirely aimed towards fans of the New Adventures books, which I am not. I don’t hate them (because I haven’t read them! Can’t hate something I’ve not experienced…) but from what I hear and from what I’ve seen I’m not in a big hurry to start and if/when I do start maybe it’ll get to the point where I see this story more positively… maybe.

For now it’s seven pages of decent artwork that means very little to me…

The Continuity:

It’s the tight leather bodysuit Ace! Everyone’s favourite…?

The Timewyrm was the titular antagonist of the first three New Adventures books, starting with “Genesys” and ending with “Revelation”. Puterspace has appeared on audio thanks to the adaptation of “Love and War” so I was at least familiar with the concept going in, double for the Chelonians that Ace encounters as they were featured in “The Highest Science”, which has also been adapted into Audio.

That’s about it, apart from the possibly now overused trope of The Doctor getting reminded of companions he lost in the form of Katarina and Sarah Kingdom (“The Daleks’ Master Plan”) and Adric (“Earthshock”), plus references to the Silurians and the alternate Earth seen in Third Doctor TV story “Inferno”.

Overall Thoughts:

He does tend to know these things, yeah…

The Last Word is a fun treat for fans of the New Adventures line. Sadly, I’m not one of those but at the end of the day its seven pages of pretty good artwork, so it hardly ruined my life or anything. I’ll give it an average, but you may lift it up one point if you’re a big NA fan…

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