Doctor Who: Sins of the Fathers Review

Sins of the Fathers exists for one reason and one reason only: have Destrii become a companion, and in that sense the story accomplishes exactly what it needed to. The story around it isn’t greatly interesting, but it’s far from bad and has a pleasing little twist with its main antagonists. So let’s get the penultimate story in the DWM Eighth Doctor run underway!


The Doctor takes Destrii to Hippocrates Base for her to recover. However the Zeronites have plans for the hospital…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

Keeping calm under pressure as always, Doctor…

The Doctor has taken a near-death Destrii to one of the top hospitals in the universe, and thanks to having a complete scan of her biology back from when Izzy was in her body, her life is saved. While The Doctor and Destrii’s Doctor, Partho, take a tour of the facility a group of aggressive aliens known as Zeronites break into the hospital, turn off the artificial gravity and start killing various staff members while floating in their natural habitat. Destrii is woken by a Zeronite agent who was using a holographic projector to look like Dr. Partho’s nurse and is injected with an agent that sends her psychotic, just to make matters that little bit worse.

The Doctor manages to calm Destrii down and the two split up, with The Doctor looking to return gravity to the station with the help of the local A.I. while Destrii challenges the head Zeronite to combat, but given it’s in zero gravity she starts off at a disadvantage. Destrii starts to do well, then doesn’t, then wins when gravity is restored. It’s revealed during this that the Zeronites were a slave race to the people who run the station, and even though they renounced those ways generations ago, the Zeronites still want “revenge”, even on the descendants of their enemies. While this group was defeated, The Doctor warns the A.I. that more will be coming with the same single-mindedness, and it responds that they’ll be ready.

On the way back to the TARDIS The Doctor officially asks Destrii to join him on his adventures, which she gleefully accepts with a big kiss, much to The Doctor surprise (and annoyance) As a final little extra thing, Destrii takes the holographic projector necklace and uses it for herself, which is handy as their next stop is Earth…

The Bad:

“Ohhh, but I want shoot and scream noowwwww!”

The only bad is that the Zeronites aren’t exactly exciting, visually or through dialogue. I like their backstory, but at the end of the day they’re just a simple-minded war-like race. As I said in the opening paragraph though, this story is all about showing how Destrii becomes a companion and how she gets a human-like disguise to blend into the Earth population in the next story…

The Continuity:

Destrii disguises herself as a human because “simplicity while writing Earth-based stories”, that’s why!

Not much to say, really, beyond carrying on from the cliffhanger that ended “Bad Blood”. The Doctor does mention his friend giving Destrii’s body a complete scan in the story “Children of the Revolution”, but that’s your lot…

Overall Thoughts:

Destrii and The Doctor are a great duo, it’s a shame they only have one story left…

Sins of the Fathers is a perfectly fine three-issue story that while may not blow you away does a good enough job filling in the background while they accomplish the goal of making Destrii a regular companion. It all leads towards the big finale…

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