Doctor Who: Metamorphosis Review

The next random story from “The Age of Chaos” collected graphic novel is actually a really good one, featuring The Doctor and “New Adventures Ace” dealing with murder on a spaceship, Daleks and some great bodyshock horror. Let’s take a look!


The Doctor and Ace arrive on board a spaceship and find that some of the youngest crew members have disappeared!

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

A confusing collection of panels when taken out of context…

The story wastes no time in getting to the meat of the issue as The Doctor and leather-clad Ace arrive and immediately discover a body and are just as quickly arrested for it. In their cell they meet the apparent thief of some of the ships “blank embryos” but The Doctor soon realises something is amiss, especially as the thief is so traumatized (simply repeating the phrase “eggs stir”) and the embryo jars were smashed from within rather than from the outside. It turns out an alien force is beaming a signal into the ship that’s mutating the embryos into something else, something that soon makes The Doctor also say the phrase “Eggs Stir”. Yes, it’s The Daleks, and it’s not “Eggs Stir”, it’s “Exterminate!” The Doctor manages to use the distress beacon to block the signal for a while, but The Daleks arrive en masse and disable it.

As the human-Dalek embryos join their Dalek brethren one stays behind, giving The Doctor a chance to partially mutate himself enough to commune with it and send his own psychic message, convincing this new Dalek to kamikaze into the Dalek Ship, destroying it utterly.

It’s a really fun story and gets a lot done in quite a short page count. The art is good fun too, if not a little bland in the colour department, which just comes from being in an early 90s Yearbook, to be fair.

The Bad:

Well these Dalek-human hybrids are certainly… odd.

Not much, apart from the already mentioned mute colour palette. I’m not a big fan of the New Adventures version of Ace but hey-ho, she doesn’t get to act much out of character here due to its more content-restricted nature…

The Continuity:

Certainly a more dramatic use of the “eggs / exterminate” gag than we got in the TV series…

Not a lot. As I mentioned it’s set during the earlier day of the “New Adventures” books, her outfit apparently placing it after “Cat’s Cradle: Witch Mark”, which I’ll have to take the Doctor Who Wiki’s word for given I’ve still not jumped onto the New Adventures train…

The would-be thief and The Doctor saying “Eggs. Stir” as they slowly become Dalek’d is something Steven Moffat would go on to use in the Eleventh Doctor TV story “Asylum of the Daleks” (well the “eggs” part anyway). As for Dalek-Human hybrids? Well, that’s been done several times, from Second Doctor classic “The Evil of the Daleks” to Sixth Doctor TV story “Revelation of the Daleks”, plus Tenth Doctor TV two-parter “Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks” and even the just recently released Tenth Doctor audio “The Trojan Dalek”, plus many more…

Overall Thoughts:

Ace takes care of a Dalek, sans-baseball bat this time!

I really enjoyed Metamorphosis. Its status as a Yearbook comic meant I hadn’t really heard anything about it until I read this collected GN and so it was a completely fresh and thankfully enjoyable story. A bit of a drab colour palette and use of New Adventures Ace take it down a bit for me personally, but neither effect the story much at all. A must read if you’re look for a quick fix of comic Who.

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