Scars of Dracula Review

Scars of Dracula is a weird one. It was originally written as a reboot but when Christopher Lee agreed to reprise the role once again it was slightly rewritten to act as a follow-on… and I mean SLIGHT. Anyway, it has some good moments. It’s another one of those “generic B movie” entries that’s fun but undoubtedly flawed. It’s also the only other entry after the first one that’s I’d seen before this marathon after randomly catching it on TV in the late 2000s. With that all being said, what’s it like now?


Dracula is resurrected once again and wastes no time in returning to his old ways, luring unsuspecting people to his castle…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

Dracula tries to invent the Lightsabre. Wrong galaxy you fool!

You know when I said slightly rewritten? Well, the film opens up with Dracula’s remains someone now in his castle rather than the church from the last film and a vampire bat flies in the window, spits blood on the ashes and Dracula revives, just like that. It was so obviously the writers not giving a damn any more that it made me laugh. Anyway, as the synopsis mentions Dracula and his servant Klove (the Second Doctor himself, Patrick Troughton!) who isn’t the servant Klove who died a few films ago, a NEW servant Klove, begin to draw people to the castle for Dracula to feed on again. Eventually and for the third film in a row a man named Paul, in this case Paul Carlson (Christopher Matthews) comes afoul of Dracula due to the old driverless carriage trick and falls for Dracula’s enthralled vampiress Tania (Anouska Hempel) and actually has sex with her but that bout of love making ends with him bitten and her brutally stabbed to death by Dracula for betraying him. Dracula soon locks Paul up and after toying with him for a few scenes kills him…

Eventually Paul’s brother Simon (Dennis Waterman) and his fiancée Sarah (Jenny Hanley) arrive in search of Paul and, of course, Dracula tries to turn Sarah into his next “bride” and Simon has to fight him off at several occasions. What I did like is that Klove also falls for Sarah and actually ends up trying to attack Dracula on two occasions, the last time at the cost of his life. In the end Dracula stalks Sarah on the roof of his castle on a stormy night and Simon arrives, pulls out a rail from the metal fencing and tries to stab Dracula with it, but misses his heart. Dracula pulls the spike out and lifts it to throw it back only to be struck by lighting and set on fire. He screams and stumbles around a bit then falls off the edge of his castle. A unique way to go, which after this many films is a feat, frankly.

Like I said there isn’t much too it, but it’s good for a laugh. Christopher Lee actually gets a proper full-on speaking role again, rather than just a few sentences, so that’s good too…

The Bad:

Man, what a pair of … regular looking people. Like, I’d walk past them in a shop and not notice them. Our lead characters everyone! *round of applause*

The only bad comes from whether you’re going into this expecting a big blockbuster movie with Oscar worthy performances or whether you’re looking for a fun B horror film where you can then look the other way when faced with questionable acting. It’s not for everyone!

Overall Thoughts:

Well I can check “see Patrick Troughton topless” off my wishlist now!

Scars of Dracula is a fun film, much like “Dracula Has Risen From The Grave” it’s story isn’t heavily based on the original book (to say the least) but it does have some fun with the character and the tropes of the genre. Christopher Lee is back to his original 1958 film form when it comes to actually getting to act… a bit. Definitely one of the better offerings anyway, so long as you’re in the right mood.

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