My Top 10 TV Series/Seasons of 2021

Well time flies when you’re having… a pretty awful year. Still, plenty on the telly! Yes 2021 was a bad year for my family but that doesn’t impact what was a good year for me outside of reality and on my TV screen. Admittedly if you’re not into Marvel or Star Wars this list would look a hell of a lot different, so I will mention that I’m not in any way being paid by Disney. Let’s face it, I don’t get the kind of views that would make that worth wile. So, let’s take a look at my Top 10 TV Series/Seasons of 2021!

Star Wars: Visions was an odd one, it blended two very different parts of my life in one: anime and Star Wars, and not half-heartedly either, Disney got some very top-tier anime studios involved and they didn’t hold back, even if each episode was only 10 or so minutes. Sure a few of them weren’t up to much, but a lot of them were really fun new takes on the familiar Galaxy far, far away that made for a great night in. (My review of Star Wars: Visions can be found by clicking HERE)

My exposure to The Witcher franchise only expands to The Witcher III game and this show’s previous season, but even if I can’t be considered a “fan” I still greatly enjoyed both seasons of The Witcher. Season 2 proved more focused on its storytelling and set up some interesting plot points for the show going forward, not to mention some entertaining fight scenes and some great special effects. (My review of The Witcher – Season 2 will be uploaded next week… Hopefully I’ll remember to go back to this article and add it here…)

I think the Star Wars CG cartoons are the one thing that makes me forget I’m watching CG and just enjoy the story, and The Bad Batch, set in between the Clone Wars and Rebels series, continued that trend. While it had its sillier moments and once again shoe-horned a child character into the show, it also took a deep look in how the Empire began to form into what we know it as and even had a really interesting central villain at its core. Looking forward to more next year! (My review of The Bad Batch – Season 1 cane be found by clicking HERE)

Jujutsu Kaisen’s first season’s second half aired in 2021, so as usual I count the year a season ends in as the year to cover it. Kaisen sort of came out of nowhere for me, I haven’t been keeping an eye on current Shonen Jump manga and just saw the trailer and thought I’d give it a go and ended up really enjoying it. Sure it has plenty of Shonen genre clichés but it also has some fun moments, creepy monsters and very slickly animated fight scenes. Good fun all round. (My review of Jujusu Kaisen’s first season can be found HERE and HERE)

Hawkeye aimed for a “festive movie” feel and nailed it perfectly, both being a fun Christmas caper but also managing to further develop both old Hawkeye and the brand new one very well. Then they added in not just the ever-entertaining Yelena from Black Widow but also brought the Kingpin over from the Netflix arm of the MCU, finally confirming at least in some way those series will still live on. Great stuff (My review of Hawkeye can be found by clicking HERE)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure reaches Part 6 and continues to be extremely entertaining. Each part moves the story on and gives us a nearly entirely new cast and surroundings and Stone Ocean gives us a really entertaining cast of mostly female characters in a prison setting with plenty more of that JoJo “how will they get out of this suitably bizarre stand’s powers?!” cliffhangers. If this first episode drop is anything to go by, David Productions have done it again. (My review of the first part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean can be viewed on Anime UK News by clicking HERE)

If you told me this time last year that a South Korean social commentary drama would crack my top five TV series in 2021 I would raised an eyebrow in confusion, yet here we are! Squid Game became something of a global phenomenon very quickly so I felt compelled to give it a go if nothing else to finally find out what everyone was going on about and I found a great TV show that was well-plotted, full of extremely human and fellable characters and genuinely entertaining right through to the end of the last episode. Sometimes, just sometimes, fads cane lead to great things… (My review of Squid Game – Season 1 can be found by clicking HERE)

Also if you told me this time last year that a cartoon based on League of Legends would also crack my top 5 I would’ve been even MORE confused, yet here we are! Arcane was another thing not at all on my radar until clips and word of mouth “forced me” to give it a go and once again I found myself loving it. The animation is frankly breathtaking but alongside that the plot was actually intelligent and well-thought-out, the characters were well developed and very human, and thankfully you needed zero knowledge of LoL to enjoy it. If only all Netflix adaptations were of this quality this year… (My review of Arcane – Season 1 cane be found by clicking HERE)

It was hard to pick which out of the two more “out there” MCU Disney Plus shows to give the number 1 spot to because I genuinely loved them both, but I’ve given Loki the number 2 spot. It’s certainly not a knock on it though, it was a very fun series with a unique look on time travel, timelines and multiverses centred around Tom Hiddleston’s always fantastic Loki performance. As the only MCU series confirmed to have a second season in the works, it has every chance to grab that #1 spot again in the future… (My review of Loki – Season 1 can be found by clicking HERE)

WandaVision was the first MCU TV show on Disney Plus and it set a very high bar that hasn’t been beat yet. It kept you guessing week after week, each episode ending with more speculation as to what something means or what will happen next and that’s a sign of extremely effective writing. What starts off as a weird series of homages to US sitcoms slowly turns into one person’s deep grief and how they’re failing to deal with it, something that isn’t neatly dealt with and tied up with a nice bow, instead leaving the same character a broken and changed woman with a very fun cliffhanger. For being extremely entertaining and very well written, WandaVision grabs my Number 1 spot this year! (My review of WandaVision can be found by clicking HERE)

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