Doctor Who: Battlegrounds – Rewind Review

After feeling a bit flat on the previous two stories I’m happy to report that “Rewind” was a great story, taking the rather trad at this point Groundhog Day scenario of reliving the same day over and over and giving it a really good spin. Let’s take a look!

The first half of the story is narrated by a woman called Ignis (Sarah Moss) from the planet Lacuna, a planet that’s caught in a time loop while in the middle of being destroyed by an army of new Dalek types called Dalek Berserkers. She talks to friend Regis Parenthis (Homer Todiwala) who always becomes the leader of the planet when half of the planet, including the leadership and his family, are wiped out; she walks somewhere new; comes back to give the same speech about hoping the next loop being the last; then wakes up in the same morning to repeat the loop, only the Dalek Berserkers get just that little bit closer each time and unlike Groundhog Day everyone on the planet remembers every loop. It creates a fun story, even if Ignis is a little dull to begin with, taking everything in good spirits with the occasional bit of sarcasm which doesn’t really inspire the fear and dread everyone should be feeling…

Her story gets a lot better when she decides to do something different and head to a nearby castle, where right at the end of the loop she finds the Doctor (Jonathon Carley’s spot on version of John Hurt’s incarnation) who she soon finds out is responsible for her planet’s predicament. Throw in Grei Potemic (Julian Forsyth), a general who is becoming more and more unhinged as he and his men continue to be killed over and over, and you’ve got a really gripping final half of the story.

The ending in particular blew me away, which I’ll talk about in the spoiler section. This is pretty much worth the cost of the box on its own, which is handy given there isn’t much to get excited about in the first two stories…

The Continuity:

Another look at the cover, with nothing else to actually say about it!

Not much to talk about, I mean there have been a good number of time loop stories, and certainly no end of Dalek Time War stories so I’m not going to sit here listing all of those!

Overall Thoughts:

“Rewind” took the rather over-used time loop story and gave it a slight twist then just delivered a great story. Timothy X Atack is on quite the hot streak at the moment, let’s hope he keeps it up!

I have to mention the finale, as the Daleks close in during what The Doctor says is the last chance to get it right Ignis and the Time Lord discuss how the latter doesn’t think there is a way to save the planet, despite resetting time hundreds of times to try and get it right. She says she has faith in him and tells him to get into his TARDIS and as soon as he thinks of something he’ll be back to save her before the final loop ends in ten seconds. The Doctor agrees, gets in the TARDIS and Ignis counts down from ten and… nothing happens. She reaches 1 and The Doctor doesn’t reappear and the planet is lost, just another casualty of the Time War. You really felt the desperation and disappointment in Ignis’ frantic countdown, making that final moment all the more heartbreaking. This Doctor isn’t the hero who always gets things right, he’s the War Doctor, and in the Time War more often than not, he can’t save everyone…

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