Super Dragon Ball Heroes – Universe Creation Arc (Episodes 20 – 32) Review

Do you remember Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the web-only anime series created solely to sell cards to Japanese arcade goers? Well, I didn’t, at least until I was spell-checking something on this blog and one of my old reviews of the series popped up as a recommended page. Well, since my next big anime review series is taking some time I thought I’d watch the next “story” arc and throw up a review to keep things going for a bit. It’s pretty poor, but then given it’s a free advert I can’t complain too much… Can I?!

Jumping head-first into the Xenoverse chronology this story arc starts with the Kai of Time searching for her trusty bird Toki-Toki and enlisting “Xeno Trunks” and “Xeno Pan” to help find it. As it happens Toki-Toki appears flying around Capsule Corp. leading to the two Xenos arriving and explaining how important the bird is… followed shortly by all twelve Gods of Destruction arriving and saying that it has been prophesied that a bird will appear in this universe and signal the potential end of the multiverse so they ready themselves to destroy it, but Goku sticks up for Pan and Trunks, who try to protect it, leading to a potential showdown between him, his allies, and the Gods of Destruction (one they’d clearly lose, by the way…) but before that can really get going we see Fu and his bird Dogi-Dogi, the actual threat, along with a massive tree that will apparently birth a new universe by sucking the energy out of all twelve of the other ones. He’s also amassed a small army of DBZ era movie villains and Super 17, though he and a few other characters seen here actually play no role in the arc beyond this background shot…

“What’s this Saiyan doing here?” “I heard something about an evil tree…?”

Our lead heroes find out what’s happening by the arrival of Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta (a.k.a. Super Saiyan 4 versions of the characters from another timeline) and so they begin to search for a way to find Fu and stop him, the Gods of Destruction doing their best to hold back the effects of the tree. Regular Goku and Vegeta take on a powered up version of Turles and Bojack while the Xeno versions pop over to Hell and meet “Dr. W” (who is the human version of Movie 2’s brain-in-a-mech Dr. Wheelo) who unleashes a powered up version of Janemba. These battles continue until the next battle-for-the-sake-of-a-new-card happens leading to confronting Fu. There really isn’t much to say, even in the spoiler section below!

The winner of “Picture that will confuse people out of context Award” goes to…

Though I will point out Episode 20 is a brief retelling of an early arcade story arc centred around the Xeno characters defeating the “Dark King Mechikabura” which at least ends showing us Fu’s birth and connection to the dimension, and Episode 29 (seen above!) is an isolated episode celebrating the game series by going back to its routes by showing two young protagonists actually playing the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game, albeit in a world where they’re digitally transported into the game to fight it out alongside their teams of Dragon Ball characters. They duke it out until they’re invaded by other avatars so they decide to work together to beat them before everyone agrees just how great the game is. Not very exciting, but it led to some weird visuals, so why not?

Overall Thoughts:

Fu gains an energy cape to show how serious he is.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes continues to be a fun waste of time, with the depth of a paddling pool and extremely low-budget animation yet for whatever reason it makes me chuckle. Not so much I’m in a hurry to watch the next “arc” even though it is out in its entirety already and if you have no interest in Dragon Ball then you’ll have even less interest than the very little I have. For a free web animation though, it could be worse!

I mean, not much to say. More DBZ movie villains are thrown around, including Broly who reaches Super Saiyan 4 for … reasons, leading to the two sets of Goku and Vegeta to both fuse to form Vegito, meaning we get Super Saiyan Blue Vegito and Super Saiyan 4 Vegito fighting Super Saiyan 4 Broly. Madness!

Two Vegitos go on the attack! I wonder what would happen if they did the fusion dance?

Eventually Fu transforms into a super demon King thingy and is then challenged by several of the past denizens of the Demon Realm for the crown, and as several past villains are resurrected (including a form of Fused Zamasu with an eyepatch for some reason) a new universe is created, starting off with Goku landing outside of a new version of Capsule Corp. To be continued, I guess!

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