Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha Anime UK News Review

Dragon Ball TTIGRAY

How’s that for a long headline title? Anyway, this was somehow a thing, and even weirder is it ended up getting a collected physical release that ended up being released here in the UK! My review of That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha is up on Anime UK News HERE. It’s both as weird, and as funny, as it sounds… unless you’re not into Dragon Ball, then it’ll be a confusing mess…

Dragon Ball – Son Goku Arc (Episodes 1 – 13) Review

DB Son Goku Arc

Dragon Ball is iconic, inspired so many Shonen manga that came after it, and is one of my favourite shows of all time, but I’ve ranked it only #4 in this list?! Yeah, well, this is top debut arcs, and although this has some good, funny moments, it has some pretty unfunny ones as well… Not enough to knock it off the list entirely, obviously, more good than bad and all that. Anyway, it’s also another debut arc that doesn’t actually represent what the show would become, though it took a lot longer to end up more action focused this time. So let’s take a look at what is actually my first Dragon Ball review for this blog, despite 101 reviews elsewhere!

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Dragon Ball Z: Movies 1 and 2 Anime UK News Review

DBZ M1and2

10 years after they were released on blu-ray in the US, and over 20 years since they were theatrically released, we here in the UK are finally getting the original 13 DBZ movies (and presumably the two TV Specials as well), and of course being Anime UK News’s resident Dragon Ball guy, I get to review them! Click HERE for the first set of two movies, Movie #1: Dead Zone, and Movie #2: The World’s Strongest, with many more to come!

200 Published Reviews Special: Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 1 Archive Review!

200 R Special

I’m a sad man… not as in I’m unhappy, but as in I’ve kept track of the things I’ve reviewed over the past few years, and I can now say that, if you combine my reviews for Anime UK News, here on this blog, my sparsely updated gaming blog and my long-abandoned but still technically active wrestling review blog, then you get the grand total of 199! So for my 200th published review I though I’d publish one of my first reviews ever. This is the review I wrote as a sample review in order to eventually land the Anime UK News job, but since there was already a perfectly fine Dragon Ball Z Kai Season 1 review up, it obviously went unused (beyond the use of proving I can write reviews and getting me the job, obviously!), but that also means it doesn’t fall under the category being property of Anime UK News, meaning I can post the review here.

So I thought it would be fun to post it as a celebration of my reviews, especially as that would mean I won’t just have Seasons 2-4 links on this site and I can complete the set. So here it is, no pictures, just the text that got me started down this path…

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