Dragon Ball Super (Manga) – Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc (Chapters 42 – 67) Review

Now the Dragon Ball Super anime has stopped airing it has been through the Manga that we have followed the further Toriyama-penned (though not drawn) antics of Goku and co. The latest arc has come to a close, focusing on a powerful magic-user from 10 million years ago returning named Moro, so I thought I’d have a look at it! I would review manga volumes, but this arc awkwardly starts halfway through Volume 10 and I’m NOT reviewing the Universe Survival arc for a third time any time soon, so I thought it would be easier to just count the Chapters instead, especially as I’m following the monthly chapters anyway… So let’s take a look!

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Dragon Ball Super – Part 6 Anime UK News Review

DBS Part 6

My review of the Sixth Dragon Ball Super physical media release is now up on Anime UK News and can be viewed HERE. Part 7 will begin to feature episodes I already covered via streaming reviews for the website (already linked in the Dragon Ball tab!), so this may be the last one I review… (for Anime UK News. One day I’ll reach Super in my normal reviews, but that’s a ways off yet, given I’ve only reviewed the very first arc of Dragon Ball so far…)

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Anime UK News Review

dbs broly

An odd time to post a review (for me anyway) but I had the pleasure of seeing a screening of the new Dragon Ball Super movie for Anime UK News and review it for them, which can be found HERE.

To sum up though: it was great! The only downside was a re-writing of Bardock, but the writing in of Broly was really well done, and man… that end battle. Talk about high production values… Anyway, click the link for a more in-depth analysis, and see the film if you can!