500th Review Special: Action Force – The Movie Review!

Action Force The Movie

It’s my 500th published review! Between Anime UK News, this (two-part) blog and a few oddities, this is review #500, and boy is that a weird thing. So, how to celebrate? Well, I couldn’t really think of anything major after blowing my first written review ever on celebrating 200 reviews, so I thought I’d review a childhood favourite as a fun one-off. Action Force: The Movie, known pretty much every where else as “G.I. Joe: The Movie” (but this is me nostalgically looking back, so screw that!), is an odd one. It takes the often more… I hate to say realistic, but the more… grounded idea of an international force trying to stop a terrorist group and turns it into pure science fiction. A lot of people hate it for that reason, but I can’t do anything other than love it… and here’s why!

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