Blade Runner: Black Lotus Review

I love the Blade Runner universe and have done for many, many years now, so a dedicated anime series set in the dystopian world made by the people who created the great Blackout 2022 anime short? I was all in… except when I saw it was a CG animated series. As I’ve said before more often than not I can’t find myself investing in CG animation the same as traditional animation, something about the look or movement of the characters just… I don’t know, puts me off. Still much like with Ghost in the Shell’s recent CG anime series my love for the original property made me stick it out and what I got was … well, a series full of really bog-standard story beats but with a great soundtrack! Let’s take a look…

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Blade Runner 2049 Review

Blade Runner 2049

A sequel to Blade Runner was always a good example of a sequel that doesn’t need to happen, or that straight up shouldn’t happen. Well, it happened, and it was… good! It doesn’t quite match up to the original in a lot of ways, being more a good sci-fi story than a neo-noir story that’ll make you think, but it’s a damn fine near-three hours of storytelling. Let’s take a closer look at Blade Runner 2049!

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Blade Runner Review

Blade Runner

Much like when I start to look at the Star Wars films and I pondered “how do I review the original Star Wars?”, I have to repeat that process by saying “How do I review Blade Runner?” I wanted to review the sequel, 2049, so I thought I’d do them together, but what is there left to say about the original? It has to be among the most looked at films, the most often broken down into its component parts, the most examined both from a visual and a storytelling viewpoint. I guess the only thing to do is just do it! Say what I like, and if you want something super in-depth I’m sure a quick google search will grant you a look at the film from every possible perspective. So, without further ado: Blade Runner! (the “Final Cut” version, for the record…)

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