Gotham – Season 5 Review

Gotham Season 5

In one of the longer gaps between the actual airing of the series and getting this review up, let’s take a look at the final season of Gotham. The series as a whole has been an unexpected hit for me, but the villains often way overshadow the character that was supposed to be the lead, does this change in the final season? Does the rather unlikely-even-for-a-comic plot get in the way of this fact? Let’s find out!

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Gotham – Season 3 Overall Review

Gotham S3

Sadly due to my unexpected heavy workload I didn’t get to continue with this season’s breakdown of episodes, so I’ll leave the first part up HERE, but I’ll just post this overall season review up instead. A fun season it was too, with Edward Nygma’s transformation into The Riddler and his relationship with Penguin being the highlight. Don’t get me wrong, the season wasn’t without flaws, and it may be that this season looks good because I binge watched it over a week or so rather than one episode week, but overall it was definitely a fun watch. Let’s take a closer look to see why!

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Gotham – Season 3 Episodes 1 – 7 Review

Gotham S3 P1

What’s that American readers (if you exist) ? Why am I reviewing Season 3 now when Season 4 is about to air? Well, sadly here in the UK the TV channel that had the rights, Channel 5, decided not to show Season 3, meaning it appearing on the UK Netflix is the first chance I’ve had to watch it. Now, that means I can binge watch several episodes, which I will, but it is more than a little annoying to be so far behind. With that said, let’s take a look at the first seven episodes of Season 3!

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