The Expanse – Season 3 Overall Review

Expanse S3

As Amazon Prime gets ready to bring us Season 4, we here in the UK have only just got access to The Expanse’s Third Season, and boy… it was worth the wait! Once again the first few episodes end the adaptation of a book that started in the previous season, but this time the third novel is adapted fully by the end of the series, and it makes for a crazy ride! Let’s take a closer look…

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The Expanse – Season 2 Overall Review

Expanse S2

Similar to Gotham Season 3, The Expanse Season 2 arrived on the UK Netflix some time after its original US airing, where I gladly binged it over a week or so. Also like Gotham I had planned on doing a more detailed breakdown, but didn’t have the time, so a single overall review it is! The Expanse started off slow, but now in Season 2 it roared forward, and was frequently thrilling to watch. Let’s take a closer look!

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