For Honor (PS4) Review

For Honor

The first non-Star Wars multiplayer only game I’ve played, and it started off as a really fun experience… until it wasn’t. Let’s have a look!


For Honor was released worldwide on the 14th of February 2017. The first in an attempted franchise, For Honor received awards and strong sales numbers out of the gate.


For Honor_20170222145331

Me successfully decapitating someone and being called “Heroic”… makes sense to me!

Controlling one of multiple classes in each of the three factions you fight using the right analogue stick to chose a direction to hold your weapon, and can strike with a variety to strong and slow or fast and weaker strikes that will come from either top, left or right, depending on which you picked. If someone tries to attack you you’ll automatically block if he attacks from the same direction as you’ve currently got your weapon in, or you can parry if you want to immediately counterattack. It takes a little getting used to, but it does lead to some tense duels not unlike the ones I used to love in Bushido Blade on the PS1.

There is a campaign mode, but it’s little more than an extended tutorial for each class (with a few exceptions) held together with a basic story. The meat and potatoes of the game is the online multiplayer, where you can take part in a 1v1 duel, 2v2 elimination duel, 4v4 elimination, 4v4 “Skirmish” (you get points for kills, and whoever gets to a set amount of points gets to start killing the other team permanently) and finally 4v4 Dominion, which is your old capture the zone style multiplayer mode. During all this you see an overall “Faction War” map, and you can “deploy war assets” to help your chosen faction keep or capture territory on the map. The map resets after a few weeks and if your faction wins you get bonuses. It’s a fun little extra thing.

The maps are large and well presented, but here is my biggest criticism: instant death falls. I can’t tell you how many matches I lost because my opponent ran in a direction straight away and just waited and taunted until you had to be the bigger man go to him, only to be killed by being shoved off the edge. That and 4v4 matches where my opponent (or a fellow team mate) ran from their starting foe straight away, leading to 2 or more verses me and me getting my backside kicked. This is the kind of thing I always disliked about online multiplayer, and I guess I was fooled by Star Wars: Battlefront’s community into thinking cheap tactics were less common.

Graphics and Sound:

For Honor_20170218155252

Yeah, I put the Assassin’s Creed logo I unlocked on my guy. I’m Mr. Original!

Graphics are good, they won’t blow you away but given that it’s a online game with up to eight people moving around at once, it was never going to be Final Fantasy XV levels of detail here. The graphics are fine, especially on the character models.

The music is not particularly memorable, but are all suited to the medieval and samurai setting, depending on the level.


For Honor_20170222144422

If you’re one of the random people I fought with or against in this battle… then that’s a weird coincidence!

The storyline of the game sees factions of Vikings, Samurai and Knights all get transported to a new world where they end up battling each other for countless years. It’s pretty thrown together, but at the end of the day this game was designed with multiplayer in mind, they just needed a vague excuse to get these historical factions in the same place. As mentioned the campaign mode doesn’t do much with the unique setting beyond giving you a masked female “villain” to eventually battle and take down.

Final Thoughts (Now):

For Honor_20170222144925

Er… not really sure what’s happening here. You try and press the “Share” button on your PS4 controller in the middle of a duel and get a good picture…

Back at the start I was having a blast, loved the duels and chaos of the large person maps, but soon players starting finding exploits and strategies and it became a lot less fun. Not having a dedicated group of like-minded players to play with, I was at the mercy of random match making, and it put me right off. I still like the combat, and if I hear things have gotten better somehow I might give it another go, but I can’t see it getting better, if anything the people who have continued to play it will probably be too skilled for me to catch up anyway. This is the problem with a lot of online verses games and the reason I don’t normally buy them. Buy at your own risk.

3 Star Game New

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