Doctor Who: The Morton Legacy Review

DW The Morton Legacy

Having to wait until I get paid at the end of next week to renew my monthly range subscription for another 12 releases means that this Early Adventure comes first! (that sentence is going to be pointless to anyone who reads this review via the tabs above later on…) Anyway, I wasn’t expecting much from The Morton Legacy, it didn’t sound very interesting and the trailer did nothing for it, and sure enough, there wasn’t much to it. Rather dull, overall… Or am I lying for literally no reason?! You must read on to find out!

Official Synopsis:

When the TARDIS lands in London, Ben and Polly are initially delighted to be back home… until they realise that they’re a hundred years too early. But this is nothing next to how the Doctor and Jamie feel when the TARDIS itself vanishes!

Their attempts to locate their ship lead them to an antiquarian, Josiah Morton, possessed of a most unusual collection that is currently subjected to a legal dispute. But they’re not the only people interested in him. Dangerous criminals watch from the shadows, waiting for a moment to strike. And the police are calling too – accusing him of murder.

An unusual series of deaths have been occurring across the capital, and all signs point to Morton as the culprit. But is he really a killer? Or is there something else at large in the city? Something… alien?

Note: Full Spoilers From Here On Out!

Cast of Characters:

The Doctor (Frazer Hines) – The Doctor tries his best to take Ben and Polly back home, like they want (or seem to…) but as per usual The Doctor does get it quite right…

Jamie McCrimmon (Frazer Hines) – Jamie is confused that Ben and Polly would want to go home with all the adventures possible in the TARDIS, but is willing to go along with it if it makes them happy… Then he doesn’t really do anything. Hooray?

Polly Wright (Anneke Wills) – Polly is happy to be back in London, just not as happy as she would be if it was the right century…

Ben Jackson (Elliot Chapman) – Ben isn’t entirely sure if he’s disappointed that they didn’t land in their native time, but either way is going to enjoy a (what he thinks will be) brief time in the 1800s.

Josiah Morton (David Sibley) – The head of a museum of curios that has sadly been shut for some time due to a court case. His troubles may soon be over, but who is responsible for the unfortunate events that cause this reality?

Blazzard (Ewan Bailey) – A long-time and bizarrely named servant of the Morton household, he is willing to do anything to protect the Morton Legacy (see what I did there?)

Copeland and Dexter (Ewan Bailey and Alan Blyton) – Two thugs who are looking to make a quick fortune by robbing the fabled Morton Museum…

and more!

The Good:

DW The Morton Legacy cover

It’s still a nicely created cover, but everyone is just standing around because there isn’t anything of note to put on it!

Not a lot to say, but I do want to point out that the performances are all good and the dialogue is will written, it’s just a shame nothing really happens…

The Bad:

This is a really odd story, because it never feels like much of any importance is happening. They spend the first two episodes touring the museum and the only thing of note is The Doctor and Polly are curious about a large necklace and the police accuse Morton of murder (who the listener has only just met, so doesn’t really feel any shock or sorrow for him…) At the very end of Part 2 Polly gets kidnapped by two thugs who suddenly appear, and then eventually she escapes after the thugs go after the museum. Said thugs then steal the necklace, and soon everyone goes to the thugs hideout to find out the butler did it (by which I mean killed everyone) and then is killed himself. Most people mourn his death until the Doctor calmly points out that he was a cold-blooded murderer, which even if it was to make his master happy, is still a very bad thing, but Morton and co. still seem to respect him for it… The end. No big alien threat moment, no big dramatic… anything. Just a series of small events with no real big pay off. Very odd.

The mysterious jewel turns out to be nothing alien, and in fact the thing that makes people see monsters and then get killed turned out to be some poison, so it’s actually a pure historical, which is nice, it’s just a shame nothing… well, you know.

The Continuity:

Nothing to be said here, beyond I guess Ben and Polly wanting to leave if they arrive in 60s London, which they indeed do (suddenly without much airtime) in “The Faceless Ones“.

Overall Thoughts:

Do I need to say it again? Well, okay: The Morton Legacy is well acted and has good, believable dialogue, but … nothing happens at all. It’s not boring or dull, but it’s not exciting either, it seems like one long set up for a big finale that never happens. Not very satisfying when I put it like that, I’m afraid…

2 Star Listen

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