Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam – Episodes 21 – 31 Review

Zeta Gundam P3

20 episodes into Zeta Gundam and we finally see the Zeta Gundam! Also: lots of fighting on and around the moon, plus some political manouvering and backstabbing for good measure! Let’s take a look!


The Titans move towards the Moon to take over Von Braun City, an AUEG base, and the crew of the Argama are in hot pursuit, soon packing a new set of mobile suits!

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

Zeta Gundam P3 2

“Oh God, it’s Kamille”  “Hey Captain!”

Kamille Bidan (Nobuo Tobita / Jonathan Lachlan-Stewart) – Kamille is finally settling down, becoming less prone to bizarre fits of rage and obnoxious immaturity… Only slightly less, mind you…

Quattro Bajeena / Char Aznable (Shuichi Ikeda / Tom Edwards) – Quattro is becoming more and more used to his middle-management role in the AUEG, not to mention the name Quattro itself… You know what would really ruin it? Being forced to become the AUEGs new leader…

Bright Noa (Hirotaka Suzuoki / Dave Kelly) – Bright is the Captain of the Argama, and therefore a highly respected member of the AUEG. He has experience with dealing with child soldiers, unfortunately…

Fa Yuiry (Miyuki Matsuoka / Angie Beers) – Fa is Kamille’s old friend, and near-girlfriend if they’d realise why they’re arguing all the time… She’s trying to become a pilot to help the crew out, much to a lot of people’s distress…

Emma Sheen (Maya Okamoto / Lisa Christie) – Emma is a former Titan who is currently stationed on the Radish (that’s a ship) and soon becomes the new pilot of the Gundam Mk.II when Kamille takes possession of the Zeta Gundam.

Katz Kobayashi (Keiichi Nanba / Sean Broadhurst) – Katz was once an orphan on the White Base, but now is looking to contribute as a pilot. He may have some skill, but he lacks the maturity, even more so than Kamille… and that’s saying A LOT.

Jerid Messa (Kazuhiko Inoue /Ethan Cole) – Jerid has lost a lot of people he cares about due to the Newtype abilities of AUEG pilot Kamille Bidan. He wants nothing more than revenge, and with his new lover Mouar by his side, he feels he can achieve this… *ahem* Or makes things worse for himself, of course…

Paptimus Scirocco (Bin Shimada / Jonathan Love) – Paptimus is a high-ranking Federation pilot and leader of the Jupitris, a large ship he commanded to Jupiter and back. He is extremely charismatic and a lover of women… as in he admires them and wants them to lead all men… although he’s probably okay with the other thing. Maybe?

Reccoa Londe (Masako Katsuki / Meredith Taylor-Parry) – Reccoa is an AUEG pilot who specialises in undercover ops. That being said, she doesn’t seem to be very good at them… Anyway, she is also at odds with her own identity as a cold, stern woman and wants the love of Char, but he feels nothing like that for her… I think. She’s crazy… just you wait…

Yazan Gable (Hochu Otsuka / Corby Proctor) – Yazan is an ace pilot in the Federation forces, despite lacking in any Newtype ability. He is soon transferred to under Scirocco’s command, but he’s just happy anywhere he gets to fight…

Sarah Zabiarov (Yuko Mizutani / Maizun Jayoussi) – A loyal follower of Paptimus Scirocco, despite her status as a rare Titan Newtype from their labs. She is still young and naïve, but her loyalty to Paptimus is undying…

Plus many more!

The Good:

Zeta Gundam P3 4

Hey look! The Zeta Gundam! … I was going to put “in action”, but er… not really.

The good majority of these 10 episodes takes place around the AUEG base on the moon, with the Titans throwing plenty of mobile suits and battleships at it to take it, which they do temporarily, until the AUEG take it back. The Titans general Jamaicon becomes so desperate (and angry at Scirocco for scheming his way to being the man to capture the city, and then fleeing and leaving him too it when the AUEG returned) that he attempts a colony drop on the Granada base. The scheme is stopped, and Jamaicon (really annoying name, by the way) is killed. It’s a good little story arc, it has Kamille showing a bit more maturity, we see Titans leader Jamitov assume complete control over the Earth Federation forces rather than just the Titans fleet while simultaneously having AUEG leader Blex killed in his sleep at a united conference, and the debut of Yazan, who is a good old fashioned ace pilot who loves battle rather than taking it seriously.

Oh, and you also get Jerid falling for new character Mouar (another annoying name) and of course by episode 30 she’s dead by Kamille’s hands, sending Jerid into another fit of rage about how Kamille keeps killing everyone he loves and cares about. He does a bit of damage to the Argama in a fit of rage, but yeah, Kamille stops him AGAIN. We’re still not done either! Poor guy…

I like all the political scheming and backstabbing on display, not just the Jamitov conference stuff mentioned above, but Scirocco out smarting and out playing Jamiacon by sending Sarah to the Argama to warn them about the colony drop as it’s a “step too far”, but really making sure his rival messes up again while he’s away and blame free. Char (or Quattro) has a good role in these episodes, accompanying Blex to the conference and having to potentially shoulder the entire AUEG by returning to his Char Aznable name. It all leads to a great scene in the next batch of episodes…

The Titans attempt another gassing of an entire space colony in episode 29, which is a rather unpleasant thought. The Argama and the Radish don’t even get there in time to save everybody…

Episode 31 sees Sarah plant some bombs in Von Braun City, with Kamille spotting her by chance. Sarah admits to her plan due to her naivety in still knowing right from wrong, despite not being able to go against her beloved master. The weird thing is Kamille doesn’t get the job done in time the best he can do is warn everyone to escape the area, which most seemingly do, admittedly. Still not the way I saw it going!

The Bad:

Zeta Gundam P3 1

It’s Katz! Nobody’s favourite character!

I’m going to leave Kamille out of this one, as he’s not too bad, as least not compared to Katz, who walks up to an enemy agent and lets her go because she’s nice and asks him to help her escape and “help”. That’s not even mentioning how he acts before and after this, like a spoiled brat.

Lordy lordy here we go, Reccoa infiltrates the Jupitris in episode 28 and thinks she does so successfully, but Paptimus is well aware of who she is and seemingly influences her via his charms (and possibly Newtype abilities?) This is the start of the still baffling turn Reccoa goes through in the next chunk of episodes that I still don’t really know what it’s about…

The arguments between Kamille and Fa are also less annoying, but still happen, and soon Fa starts messing up in mobile suits and is soon looking after the two new children on board the ship, which is kind of anti-character growth.

Oh right, that’s another thing, why are two war orphan children on the ship again?! That was among the most annoying things about the previous series, not only because of the childish humour often being at odds with the tone of the show, but because why would a military vessel keep them around?! Oh well…

Overall Thoughts:

Zeta Gundam P3 3

Wait a minute… without the sunglasses… That’s Char Aznable! *Gasp!*

Another good chunk of episodes, with Kamille slowly but surely settling into a less annoying person, other characters like Quattro and Emma getting some good screen time, and enemies like Jerid and Scirocco getting some development alongside new characters like Yazan and Sarah, who are welcome additions. It’s really just Katz, Reccoa and the orphan children that let these episodes down a bit… Not a total loss, though!

4 Star Watch

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