Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam – Episodes 43 – 50 Review

Zeta Gundam P5

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam comes to its grizzly and depressing conclusion! Yes, it’s well known now that creator Yoshiyuki Tomino fell into depression during the course of Zeta, leading to the extremely dark ending to the series, and … yep, it is that, but is it still enjoyable, in a sick, “realistic war scenario” kind of way? Let’s find out!

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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam – Episodes 32 – 42 Review

Zeta Gundam P4

Zeta Gundam begins its march towards the series’ end as it introduces a third faction into the mix with the remnants of Zeon joining the fight between the Titans and the AUEG… as if my “Cast of Characters” section wasn’t full enough! Let’s take a look at this collection of smaller arcs leading up to the big finale, shall we?

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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam – Episodes 14 – 20 Review

Zeta P2

In a shorter batch of episodes (as it was so well contained as a stand alone story arc, I couldn’t resist) but a significant one. We not only get to see Amuro Ray return to piloting suits, but we also get our first mentally unstable Cyber-Newtype, a trope that will appear endlessly throughout all future Gundam shows… Let’s take a look!

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Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam – Episodes 1 – 13 Review

Zeta P1

My sort-of-in-order watch through of Universal Century era Gundam continues, sadly skipping the OVAs (as I may as well wait for a possible blu-ray release…) and heading straight for Zeta Gundam. I haven’t watched the show in nearly 10 years, but I still haven’t forgot never really liking Kamille, and it seems for good reason! Let’s take a look at the opening chunk of 13 episodes, shall we?

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