Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam – Episodes 32 – 42 Review

Zeta Gundam P4

Zeta Gundam begins its march towards the series’ end as it introduces a third faction into the mix with the remnants of Zeon joining the fight between the Titans and the AUEG… as if my “Cast of Characters” section wasn’t full enough! Let’s take a look at this collection of smaller arcs leading up to the big finale, shall we?


Axis, a large asteroid that has been floating outside of the Earth sphere for years, returns, and with it a new faction full of mobile suits and soldiers. Zeon’s ghost is on the battlefield, and now it’s a race between the Titans and the AUEG to secure a possibly tide-turning new ally…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

Zeta Gundam P4 2

Friends reunited!

Kamille Bidan (Nobuo Tobita / Jonathan Lachlan-Stewart) – Kamille is now a fully formed Newtype, able to communicate and sense things far beyond the abilities of a normal person… plus he no longer acts like a spoilt brat! Hooray!

Quattro Bajeena / Char Aznable (Shuichi Ikeda / Tom Edwards) – The former Char is once again finding his past catching up to him. Not only has his old identity been put forward as the new leader of the AUEG, but Haman Karn and the former Zeon forces, where he stayed for years after the One Year War, has come back into the fold…

Bright Noa (Hirotaka Suzuoki / Dave Kelly) – Bright is the commander on board the Argama, and one of the AUEG’s most prominent military strategists.

Fa Yuiry (Miyuki Matsuoka / Angie Beers) – Fa is Kamille’s close friend, now pretty much also his girlfriend. She occasionally pilots a mobile suit, but mostly looks after the two orphan children who are on board… for some reason…

Emma Sheen (Maya Okamoto / Lisa Christie) – Emma has turned from former Titan to ace pilot for the AUEG, now piloting the Gundam Mk.II on board the AUEG vessel known as the Radish.

Amuro Ray (Toru Furuya / Matthew Erickson) – Amuro Ray is fighting the Titans on Earth, rather than in space, but when a joint attack on the Titan’s base on Kilimanjaro is held, he once again fights alongside his old rival Char…

Katz Kobayashi (Keiichi Nanba / Sean Broadhurst) – Katz was formally an orphan on board the White Base during the One Year War, and now serves as an AUEG pilot… when he’s not throwing a hissy fit, anyway…

Jerid Messa (Kazuhiko Inoue /Ethan Cole) – Jerid is a top pilot for the Titans, though he has very little success. If his suit isn’t being damaged or he’s not being carried away on a stretcher then he’s seeing a close friend get killed in front of his eyes. Seriously, who would want to work with this guy?

Paptimus Scirocco (Bin Shimada / Jonathan Love) – Scirocco is scheming, trying to climb the ladder to the top of the Earth Federation, and his eerie charm is making that goal a lot easier…

Haman Karn (Yoshiko Sakakibara / Valerie Howell) – Haman is the pseudo-leader of the Axis-based Zeon forces, as the actual leader (and last remaining member of the Zabi family) Mineva is still a child. She wants nothing more than the return of the Zabi family.

Bask Om (Daisuke Gori / Noah Umholtz) – The head of the Titan’s (and now therefore the entire Earth Federation’s) military. The building of a giant, Death Star-like colony laser brings a smile to his face…

Four Murasame (Saeko Shimazu / Carol-Anne Day) – Four is a Cyber-Newtype who is being heavily brainwashed and generally mistreated by those who helped “create” her. Her memories of falling for Kamille are buried deep within her subconscious…

Reccoa Londe (Masako Katsuki / Meredith Taylor-Parry) – Reccoa is a top pilot in the AUEG, but a recent visit to Paptimus Scirocco has left her confused. Is this the life she really wants? Does anyone actually respect her… ability to be a women… or something? Erm, yeah.

Yazan Gable (Hochu Otsuka / Corby Proctor) – Yazan is an ace pilot with Earth Federation who despite his exemplary record isn’t actually a Newtype. He loves the thrill of the battlefield, and the art of killing even more…

Rosamia Badam (Kayoko Fujii / Jennifer Bain) – Rosamia is a Cyber-Newtype who is conditioned into believing false narratives. These experiences often leave her with the mind of a child…

Sarah Zabiarov (Yuko Mizutani / Maizun Jayoussi) – Sarah is a loyal follower of Paptimus Scirocco, and will hear no bad things said about her master.

Plus more! (if you can believe it!)

The Good:

Zeta Gundam P4 3

Drama on the battlefield, just how we like it!

The first thing that sticks out to me here is the introduction of the Axis forces, and how that shakes up what was ending up like a retread of the previous series (with the roles reversed). I like both sides trying to curry favour with Haman, and how Char originally tries his best, but loses it when he sees Haman has turned Minerva into a puppet ruler, spouting Zabi propaganda when she’s just a child. Char grew close to her during his time on Axis, not to mention what the Zabi family did to him in the first place. It’s one of the few times Kamille is shocked at someone else’s lack of control!

Haman soon joins up with the Earth Federation, though doesn’t trust Scirocco at all (and who can blame her) but the AUEG has no time to ponder their future as soon they launch an all out attack alongside the Karaba Earth forces on Kilimanjaro. This is a good little mini-arc, as not only do we get a bit more Amuro and Char team ups, but we also see a bit more Four and Kamille, which while this retread seems unnecessary, it was still a sad scene when Kamille re-lost her in the battlefield. During this an injured Jerid gets pushed off a cliff by Kamille, and then later gets his backside handed to him while he’s in a new prototype mobile suit, so… no losing loved ones, but still some good old fashioned Jerid humiliation and frustration! Hooray?!

The next episode after all this, Episode 37 “Day of Dakar”, sees the AUEG take over a televised conference and leads to Quattro revealing his true identity to the world and give a speech about the Titans brutal methods and how the Earth should be evacuated so it could “recover” in their absence. It’s a great scene, and worth the wait for Char to return to his old charismatic leader ways, even if he continues wearing the shades for some reason…

The only other interesting this here is the Titan’s Gryps colony laser, which is basically their own version of the Death Star, complete with (as you’d imagine) a giant laser that can blast an entire colony to bits. It’s proper Empire-levels of evil, and I love it!

The Bad:

Zeta Gundam P4 1

“Brother! Help me!” “Oh Brother!” “Brother!” Argh!!

Two big points here, all of which happen in the last few episodes. Reccoa’s betrayal is revealed to everyone, and when questioned her motives are nonsensical at best, and complete bollocks at most. It seems she went over to Scirocco because Char didn’t return her love, or she was fed up of not being treated as a woman, or… God knows. There’s a lot about being a woman and it being a man’s world, but not in a way that makes any sense… I mean, she ends up willingly taking part in a colony gassing! I mean, Jesus, gassing innocent men, women and children because you weren’t treated as a woman? But complaining about women not being treated as equals in a man’s world? Which is it?!

That brings us to Rosamia and her storyline of thinking Kamille is her lost brother and everyone being alright with bringing her on board the Argama for some reason. It leads to some pretty poor story telling, and ends up as a rehash of the Four story that only ended a few episodes ago! Did we need a second Cyber-Newtype who loves Kamille but ends up fighting him in battle because they’re mind is unstable? And so soon after the last one, and right before the end of the series!

Honourable mention goes to Katz and the orphan children, who are all still really annoying.

Overall Thoughts:

Zeta Gundam P4 4

Hey look, it’s a Gundam! I don’t know why so many of the pictures for this series out there are of the actual characters rather than the mobile suits…

The first half of this chunk of Zeta is great, with a three-way war being teased and plenty of fun action and drama. Sadly the last five episodes are the series at its worse, with Reccoa and Rosamia being extremely annoying characters for different reasons. Thankfully both of these characters become background players for the final act, which is up next!

Episodes 32 – 37:

4 Star Watch

Episodes 38 – 42:

2 Star Watch

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