Jessica Jones – Season 2 Episodes 10 – 13 Review

Jessica Jones S2 P3

Jessica Jones Season 2 ends on a high note, which is good because the season up to now has been quite flat. If you’ve stuck with it so far you’re treated to a great conclusion to the Jessica / Alisa Jones story, and a pretty good end to Trish’s struggle as well (plus an episode full of Killgrave again! Who doesn’t want that?) So let’s take a look after the spoiler message so I can actually talk about things!


Alisa Jones is in prison, and is surely on her way to the super-power prison known as The Raft… unless she gives up Karl Malus, the love of her life…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

Jessica Jones S2 P3 1

Jerri jumping back into the good storyline before she has to rejoin her uninteresting one…

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) – Jessica is a little less conflicted now she made the decision to have her psychopathic mother arrested, but she still hopes they can arrange a deal that keeps her out of The Raft…

Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) – Trish has just about screwed up everything in her life, so when she hears Karl Malus is in the local area, she can’t help but feel a golden opportunity arrive…

Malcolm Ducasse (Eka Darville) – Malcolm can’t win. He does everything for Jessica, and short of his recent promotion he’s still been kept out of the loop. Maybe it’s time for a change?

Alisa Jones (Janet McTeer) – Alisa is in prison, and she knows her only choice is stay here so she can talk to Jessica and give up her love Karl Malus, or keep Karl safe but get locked up in The Raft, cut off from everyone…

Karl Malus (Callum Keith Rennie) – Karl is at a loss at what to do. Alisa is gone, all his equipment and know-how has really only caused trouble so giving it to the authorities would be a disaster… Just wait around in a hotel room, I guess?

Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) – Jerri is cured thanks to a IGH super-powered healer… she thinks. Uh-oh!

Plus more!

The Good:

Jessica Jones S2 P3 2

Jessica gets reminded of how much better Season 1 was…

Once again Jessica and her stories are the highlight. She tries to get dirt on her mother’s cruel security guard and ends up accidentally killing him in self-defence. She makes it look like a suicide, the trauma of which makes her start have visions of Killgrave congratulating her and generally being the smug git he was when he was alive. That was almost a mistake by the creative team, really. It reminded me of how much better Season 1 was right when I was settling into the groove of Season 2! Still, she eventually gets over it and tries to get Malus out of the country to appease her mother, but Trish finds him first and convinces him to turn her into a super-powered person like he did to Jessica and her Mum.

This is another good part of these four episodes, Trish’s fixation on being a hero nearly getting her killed. I felt no real sympathy for her and her drug-addled antics throughout the season, but at least set up some dramatic scenes, particularly between Jessica and Trish. Jessica stopped Malus and Trish goes to hospital, leading to Alisa seeing Malus died in the incident, and not knowing it was Karl who decided to off himself, assumes Trish did it so escapes to try and kill her. A confrontation in the hospital and a talk in Trish’s apartment later and the two Jones’ are driving through the countryside in a camper-van, much to the younger Jones’ confusion. After they save a family from a burning car wreck Jessica gets on board with the idea of her and her mother being a duo who use their powers to help the innocent, but a phone call between friendly policeman Eddy Costa and Jessica convinces Alisa that she has to turn herself in to save her daughter.

Cue dramatic final scene, this time the two Jones riding a Ferris wheel and having a heart-to-heart, until Trish (who is somehow on her feet and arriving pretty damn quickly) shoots Alisa right through the head. Jessica nearly kills her best friend-come-sister but tells her to leave instead. The cops arrive and assume Jessica killed her mother, getting her off the hook. It was a twisty-turny journey but it was a fun ride, you were never 100% sure which way it was going to end up. The last few scenes see Jessica disowning Trish completely (followed by Trish finding out that maybe she has gotten powers after all…) and then Jessica settling down for a meal with her now official boyfriend (I guess) Arocho and his son. It’s nice, and a lot more closed than some MCU endings. If there isn’t a Season 3 then this would be a perfectly fine way to end it.

The Bad:

Jessica Jones S2 P3 3

“Wake up Trish, your storyline is actually interesting now!”

Actually not a lot to talk about here, apart from the Jerri Hogarth stuff. She thought she was cured from a terminal disease, but actually she was scammed and robbed by homeless Inez Green and her apparent boyfriend who Hogarth sprung from jail. Jerri buys back some of her stuff from a pawn broker and finds out where they live, buys a gun and then manipulates Inez into killing her own boyfriend for her. That last bit was at least good TV, well acted and dramatic, but I still felt no sympathy for Jerri. She even admits she can buy back the stuff that was stolen, so sure, I get thinking you’re back to living a long life and then being re-hit with the reality of being a few years away from death must suck, but the scenes were clearly written so I would love seeing Jerri get her revenge, but I didn’t really. Three unpleasant people caught in a storyline that ends, that’s all that was.

She ends up hiring Cheng and Malcolm, the latter of which I was at least happy to see get a good ending, as frankly he was treated like crap for the whole series… So I guess this should be in the “Good”, but it flows so well from the bad Jerri stuff, so screw it.

Oh and Trish’s mother is still deeply unpleasant, which is what her character is and all, so technically the writers did a good job there!

Overall Thoughts:

Jessica Jones S2 P3 4

Alisa comes to the realisation that although she tried her best, she was no Killgrave…

Jessica Jones Season 2 ends on a far higher note than it started. The series is a slow burner and if you can make it to the end there are some really good episodes and scenes, plus a charismatic lead, all of which puts this above Iron Fist in terms of the Netflix MCU shows, but it’s still pretty low on the list…In any case, these end episodes in isolation are great, as they deliver a great end, so…

4 Star Watch

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