Jessica Jones – Season 3 Review

Jessica Jones S3

In the first of a series of… a few reviews that were partially written or had lots of notes in preparation for a review but I never got round to doing it back during the super-busy time, it’s time to look back on Jessica Jones, and indeed the Netflix MCU in general’s, final season. Does the series of series that produced some absolute classics like most of the Daredevil run and the first Jessica Jones season go out with a bang? … Nope. Sadly, it may go out on the worst season of them all…

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Jessica Jones – Season 2 Overall Review

Jessica Jones S2

So another 13-episode chapter in the Netflix “street level” side of the MCU comes to a close, and sadly it’s on the lower end of the quality scale. It had a monster of a task following up on Jessica Jones Season 1 and its lead villain Killgrave, a task it couldn’t beat, though to be fair it goes in a completely different direction with its lead antagonist rather than inevitably fail to try and copy the already successful formula. So let’s have an overall look at Jessica Jones Season 2, because there is plenty to like still… It’s thankfully no Iron Fist!

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Jessica Jones – Season 2 Episodes 10 – 13 Review

Jessica Jones S2 P3

Jessica Jones Season 2 ends on a high note, which is good because the season up to now has been quite flat. If you’ve stuck with it so far you’re treated to a great conclusion to the Jessica / Alisa Jones story, and a pretty good end to Trish’s struggle as well (plus an episode full of Killgrave again! Who doesn’t want that?) So let’s take a look after the spoiler message so I can actually talk about things!

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Jessica Jones – Season 2 Episodes 5 – 9 Review

JJones S2 P2

The second season of Jessica Jones finally begins to show its teeth with this middle block of episodes. The big (and sadly predictable) reveal of the lead antagonist leads to flashbacks and some fun and dramatic scenes of conflicted emotion. Sadly while all of this is going on there is still an awful lot of uninteresting side-stories being told, so… Let’s take a look!

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Jessica Jones – Season 2 Episodes 1 – 4 Review

JJones S2 P1

Jessica Jones’ first season was brilliant. My second overall favourite of the Netflix side of the MCU, it featured twists, turns and a really compelling villain… that was sadly (though made perfect sense for the story) killed off. That leaves Season 2 with a gaping hole that will be hard to fill, and judging by these first four episodes, that may well be the problem! “A slow start” doesn’t do it justice… Let’s take a look, anyway!

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