Doctor Who: Victims Review

DW Victims

Time to start a look through the latest Doctor Who Magazine collected stories release, Land of the Blind, starting with this Fourth Doctor story! Yes, unlike previous DWM releases, this was during the “dark days” when Doctor Who had been off the air for so long that they switched to a rotating Doctors format instead of continuing with the Seventh Doctor exclusively. ANYWAY, Victims is a … well, it’s alright. The art is a bit weird… Let’s take a look so I can stop rambling!


The Doctor and Romana have come to the human colony known as Kol Pasha to try on some new clothes, and maybe some other items. Little do they know they’ve wondered into a more sinister plot involving a new miracle youth drug that’s taking the colony by storm…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

The Doctor (Tom Baker) – The Doctor managed to get himself convinced to try on some new high-end clothes, so he and Romana head to Kol Pasha to try some on, which of course won’t end in some crazy adventure or anything…

Romana (Lalla Ward) – Romana is happy to be taking The Doctor to somewhere a bit more civilised than the usual crazy death-laden places they normally go… it’s a shame it’ll turn out to be crazy and death-laden…

Gevaunt – A shape-shifting Quoll from the Reft Sector, Gevaunt wants to consume some humans, but in order to do so he needs to make them edible…

Brenna Frall – A fashion designer on Kol Pasha, and a well-respected one too! Sadly she sees the new miracle youth drug and decides there can’t be any side effects or anything, because… why would there be?!

Plus More!

The Good:

DW Victims 1

This is seemingly the only picture from this story on the whole of the internet, so… enjoy! (because I’m not breaking my book’s spine to get some more, sorry!)

As far as three-part stories go, this wasn’t so bad. The Quoll and the fact they’ve eaten their own system dry leading to Gevaunt using a special mixture that makes humans edible to his species was an unpleasant thought and a decent backstory to what was really a rather generic alien baddie. Using human vanity to do so is a logical flaw to exploit as well.

Although the art was weird, The Doctor and Romana were in-character and well written throughout, even if they often looked out of character…

There was a surprising amount of blood in this story. If it was colourised it would be quite the shocker for Doctor Who! This is obviously the “New Adventures”, more aimed at older readers period of Who, and it’s not bad for this story, but can be overbearing later on.

The Bad:

The art was weird… Not bad, but it had a sometimes near-photo quality to it, and other times people just looked off. It’s nicely penned and detailed, after several months of catching up with the Titan comics it was nice to see a traditionally drawn black and white comic strip, but it definitely had an odd feel to it. I wish more scans of the story were available so I could show an example or two.

In the end Gevaunt is defeated by being fed his own formula, as it was deadly to his species if it was taken in large concentrated doses… It was a dull ending, it has to be said. Over used and out of nowhere.

The Continuity:

The story doesn’t have connections to any other, really. The feeling of the setting and the fact the villain ends up an alien with a horrible head on top of his human body all call back to Fourth Doctor / Romana II TV classic “City of Death”, but it’s not actually connected.

Overall Thoughts:

Victims is an okay story. It doesn’t do anything new or shocking, it doesn’t blow you away with its artwork, it’s just… fine. Middle of the road. It’s getting far more attention than it should with its own entry, normally the DWM stories are paired in twos but I can’t do that with these different Doctors combos, so… Yeah, average story.

3 Star Read

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