Two new (non-daily) marathons: Coming soon!

Hi all, just thought I’d post about two new marathons that will be starting on my blog soon. Both will be like the Bond marathon, where they’re not daily and may have long gaps in between, but will be finished in the end!

Up first is a Doctor Who marathon I’ve dubbed the “Audio/Comic Companions Debut Marathon”, which is designed to fill out some of the obvious gaps on the many Doctor’s pages which otherwise won’t get filled if all I do is review the current releases (though those will still get done first and soon after their release, obviously) It will go like this:

  1. The Perpetual Bond (Oliver Harper)
  2. Timeslip & The Star Beast (Sharon)
  3. The Haunting of Thomas Brewster (Thomas Brewster)
  4. The Eye of the Scorpion (Erimem)
  5. The Shape-Shifter & The Voyager (Frobisher)
  6. The Marian Conspiracy (Evelyn)
  7. The Crimes of Thomas Brewster (Flip)
  8. Criss-Cross (Constance)
  9. Crime of the Century (Raine)
  10. Colditz (Klein)
  11. The Harvest (Hex)
  12. Robophobia (Liv)
  13. Love and War (Benny)
  14. Original Sin (Chris and Roz, definitely more book than audio/comic, but hey-ho, still an audio release, and they’ve got audio exclusive adventures coming up!)
  15. Endgame (Izzy)
  16. Ophidus (Destrii)
  17. Storm Warning (Charley, though this may end up in the Doctor debut story marathon depending on when the start date for Series 11 ends up being…)
  18. The Creed of the Kromon (C’Rizz)
  19. Blood of the Daleks (Lucy)
  20. Dark Eyes (Molly)
  21. Doom Coalition I: The Eleven & The Red Lady (Helen)
  22. Hotel Historia & Thinktwice (Majenta)
  23. Silver Scream (Emily and Matthew)
  24. Revolutions of Terror (Gabby and Cindy)
  25. After Life (Alice)

Phew! Good thing it isn’t a daily marathon! Still, by the end there should be a good few stories in most Doctor’s different sections. I’m sure there are a few minor character people consider companions, I know I went back and forth on a few, but I’m sticking with this list, I feel…

The second marathon with replace the Bond Marathon after the next film, A View to a Kill, goes up (whenever that is…), giving it a rest after the endless slog of the Roger Moore era (It’ll return next year in the build to the 2019 Bond film!) This marathon is simply dubbed “10 Decades, 10 Sci-Fi Films I somehow haven’t seen!” or something to that effect… That might be hard to fit in a little logo… Anyway, it will go like this:

  1. Metropolis (1920s)
  2. Island of Lost Souls (1930s)
  3. Man-Made Monster (1940s)
  4. Forbidden Planet (1950s)
  5. Fantastic Voyage (1960s)
  6. Soylent Green (1970s)
  7. They Live! (1980s)
  8. Total Recall (1990s) (I’ve see so many bits, or caught the end, of this film, but never watched it start to finish…)
  9. Avatar (2000s)
  10. Arrival (2010s)

Should be interesting! I thought it would be a fun look at how we now have nearly 100 years of film footage, though I’ll admit to not particularly looking forward to the first three, films that old are often a bit on the slow side…

So there we have it! The Doctor Who will start in a day or two (I have a good backlog currently, so I’ll be using it to fill in gaps each week) while the other one will be a few weeks, have to get around to A View to a Kill first!

Also as hinted at, there will be the promised reverse of my Regeneration Marathon in the 13 days leading up to the debut story for Doctor #13 in the Autumn, but no timetable for that yet, for obvious reasons!

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