My Top 10 TV Series/Seasons of 2018

Top 10 TV 2018

2018 was another year where the majority of TV I watched were second or third series / seasons of something I was already watching (with a couple of exceptions), but that being said a lot of series were of a very high quality indeed, with a couple of good seasons actually having to be cut, which makes a change compared to the Games list… Or the movies list, which was so small it isn’t going to be appearing for the second year in a row… Anyway, let’s look at my Top 10 TV Series / Seasons of 2018!

Top 10 TV 2018 10

Gotham never ceases to amaze me. It started off quite poorly, then it just went from strength to strength, the cast grew into their roles more and more, and it all came to a head with Season 4. The villains are the lead characters now, no matter how much they want Jim Gordon to be, and David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne is among the best portrayals of the character, and he hasn’t even become Batman yet! Just a few little niggles takes this down the list, but I’m happy to see it make it at all. (My review can be found HERE)

Top 10 TV 2018 9

There were times when I was wondering if Doctor Who would make it on at all. Series 11 had two stand out episodes, a good episode, and then the rest were either average or poor. To make matters worse Jodie Whittaker still hasn’t made the role of The Doctor hers yet, it’s still very generic. Still, I enjoyed those two episodes more than a lot of stuff on TV this year, and the unique dynamic with the companions added a good bit of freshness to the format. Sadly I know Doctor Who won’t make it onto 2019’s list due to the fact it won’t be airing at all, beyond a single episode tomorrow… (My review of all 10 episodes can be found on the Thirteenth Doctor page HERE)

Top 10 TV 2018 8

When I heard Netflix was going to be doing a reboot of Lost in Space, I was indifferent. I’d never watched the original show, and while I remember watching the 90s movie in cinemas and thinking it was okay, retrospectively I’m sure I won’t feel that way if I rewatch it now… So, to my delightful surprise, Lost in Space was a great show to marathon my way through. The visuals put a lot of big budget movies to shame, the dynamic between all the characters was well written and acted (yes, even the child actor!) and in general it was a good show to watch with a smile on your face. Looking forward to Season 2! (My review can be found HERE)

Top 10 TV 2018 7

The Man in the High Castle is a hard one to talk about, which is why I didn’t review it for the blog. I only got Amazon Prime this year, so I watched through all three seasons around the same time, and really enjoyed them. Good storytelling, an interesting alternate Earth, and the series in general slowly going more and more science fiction as it went along, but the slow pace and the harsh and depressing tone of the series made it hard to write one of my light-hearted reviews about it, so I didn’t! Still, Season 3 deserved to be on the list, it’ll just have to not have a review linked to it…

Top 10 TV 2018 6

Now here comes an annoying one. Normally a Season has to have at least half of it air in the same year it ends for me to call it from “this year” (see Gotham on this very list!) but Attack on Titan aired the first half of it’s Third Season this year, and then said the next batch will air at the start of 2019, many months later. So I decided to count this as a season on it’s own, even though Season 3 will technically end next year. It was a good season, full of drama and shocking backstories with the human cast, and actually focusing less on the Titans themselves (though it does have one of the more disgusting Titans featured in the last few episodes…) Certainly made me excited to see the rest of it! (Review… coming eventually. When I tackle the show as a whole, otherwise reviews of currently-streaming shows would go up on Anime UK News, anyway…)

Top 10 TV 2018 5

Look at this! A western animation cracking the top 5! Shocking, I know, especially as Castlevania’s first season was only good, with a poor start. They really nailed it this time though, with some interesting characters, good humour and great action, plus they actually used some of the game series’ music! I’m not sure where the series will be headed for its third season, but I’m looking forward to seeing it… (My review can be found HERE)

Top 10 TV 2018 4

Legion was last year’s number 1, but slipping to #4 is no mayor issue. Season 2 was still great, and in fact if we were doing individual moments from TV in 2018 the psychic battle between David and Farouk, filled with stunning imagery and set to the tune of a “Behind Blue Eyes” cover, would win, hands down. That isn’t even mentioning the stunning cliffhanger ending! It’s only a slower pace for the first few episodes that stopped it from repeating last year’s place. (My review can be found HERE)

Top 10 TV 2018 3

My Hero Academia continues to show everyone how you do a proper shonen show… and hell, a proper super hero show too! Not only are the main cast evolving nicely, but the pace is being kept zippy and mostly filler-free. The big, major fight between All Might and All For One was a proper “chill down your spine” moment too. I truly believe that in 10 years time there will be people talking about this show with the same fondness that people of my generation look back at Dragon Ball Z with… and it’s still relatively early days! (My review, again, coming eventually…)

Top 10 TV 2018 2

Much like the Top 10 Games list, picking between these top two was really difficult, but I ended up going with Daredevil Season 3 as Number 2. The season was great, full of great drama, brutal fights and the MCU version of Bullseye that is quite unlike any version of the character previously, but in a really good way. Plus we got more of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, and that’s always a good thing! Sadly it seems this will be the last season for the foreseeable future (and if the character does reappear on the Disney streaming service, it won’t be so brutally realistic…) but at least it went out on a high. (My overall review of the series can be found HERE)

Top 10 TV 2018 1

What can I say about Altered Carbon? I saw the adverts, thought it looked good, very Blade Runner-like, and gave it a go… It blew me away. Visually, story-telling, the characters, the concepts. It was a hell of a fun ride, and one that I won’t forget in a hurry. A second season was, somehow, looking unlikely, but it has ended up being renewed, which is great news. I can’t wait to dive right back into this crazy, neon-lit sci-fi world… (My review can be found HERE)

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