My Top 10 Games of 2018

Top 10 Games 2018

It’s that time of year again, and now all three categories are on the one Blog! So, we’re starting with Games, and… yeah, once again I’m just one man (with a full-time job, no less) so there are games on most people’s lists that I just haven’t played (God of War seems to be this year’s Breath of the Wild in that sense…), and thanks to two 2017 games taking a couple of chunks of the year up, I only just made it to 10 games released in 2018… So, without further ado, here is my list of Top 10 / Only 10 Games I’ve Played of 2018!

Top 10 Games 2018 10

I was really looking forward to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. I had enjoyed my time with the PSP games and was hopeful of the big TV version coming out, but it came out the same time as other games I was more interested in, so I waited… a couple of months… and found it for £15. That kind of goes to show how well it did. Still, I really enjoyed playing it for a week or two, but then yeah… I ran out of things to do (other than the crazy-difficult final boss) and soon left it behind. Ah well… (My review can be found HERE)

Top 10 Games 2018 9

WWE 2K19 surprised me. I don’t know if it’s because, unlike most years, I wasn’t really following it and just got it out of blind loyalty when I saw it cheap, but it has a lot of content this time. The story mode has an actual story, the Showcase mode returned and it even has Mortal Kombat style challenge ladders. My only criticism is how samey it feels, even more so than normal, and how the CPU reversals are still broken, leaving the player having to out-smart it rather than just play the game, but it was still to play around on. (My review will probably be published when I reach it in the Wrestling Game Rundown, unless I go against my OCD-habit and post a modern Wrestling Game Review before the others left to go on the list…)

Top 10 Games 2018 8

This is one of those “dangerous” choices, as I’ve only spent a few days with it, and I’m unsure how well it’s actually going to rank with me by the time I finish it. It has some really fun new equipment to use, attaching balloons or rockets to any object you want means you can cause some proper crazy creations with the game’s lose physics engine, but there is a severe lack of things to do on the map, which is in direct contrast with prior games… We shall see, but for now I’m still having fun messing with putting rockets of people and watching them spiral away! (Review coming soon!)

Top 10 Games 2018 7

Yeah, yeah… I know. Street Fighter V wasn’t released in 2018, and Arcade Edition is just a glorified expansion pack, but hey, if I don’t include it, I won’t make it to 10 games released in 2018, okay? In all seriousness, Arcade Edition did add Arcade mode, and a fun one at that, plus it had the first two seasons worth of DLC characters, and all the added modes, including the cinematic story mode. Add in the fact that the game is really fun to play, and you have what Street Fighter V should have been to start with… (My review can be found HERE)

Top 10 Games 2018 6

It was really close between Street Fighter V and SoulCalibur VI, but I ended up giving the latter the edge… no pun intended. While both games have a lot of single player content and a super-solid fight engine, SCVI just goes over thanks to a better implemented story mode that not only inserts each playable character well, but also ties in your created character from a separate mode as well, all creating one timeline you slowly unlock as you play through. Plus, you know… it actually released in 2018 with all these bells and whistles, unlike Arcade Edition above… (Review coming soon!)

Top 10 Games 2018 5

Dynasty Warriors 9 got a lot of flack from a lot of people, but I ended up really enjoying myself. The graphics were great, the gameplay still fun, the cast of characters were bigger than ever, and I loved SOME of the open world elements. The first time I didn’t follow the main story thread of a battle and headed North, where I found a two other armies going at it, interfering in which got the army allied with my side to head to the main battle and arrive and interact during the climax, was great. I loved going around the map and changing the flow of the main battle by finding much smaller scale things going on, or actually riding out from a main camp and taking a while to arrive on the battlefield. While it did have some flaws (far too large and barren of a map and English voice acting for two!) I really had a great time, it was only the repetition of missions that stopped me completing this over and over… (My review can be found HERE)

Top 10 Games 2018 4

“Wouldn’t it be great to take the Guilty Gear art and gameplay style and make a Dragon Ball game with it?” That was a sentence I remember saying after a while playing Guilty Gear Xrd a few years ago… and here we actually are! Dragon Ball FighterZ was an extremely fun 3 on 3 fighter, the combat was fast and smooth and the visuals… oh my. Amazing. The story mode was lacking and went on for FAR too long, but the meat of the game, the actual gameplay, is good enough that I’m willing to ignore it. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a sequel down the line… (My review can be found HERE)

Top 10 Games 2018 3

At least I can properly say that my Top 3 are real top games, deserving to go on the top of any list. Spider-Man was a fantastic experience, they got the feel of playing him just right, the story was unique and engaging, and it was generally so fun to play that I did all of the side quests, even the really boring ones, just because I wanted an excuse to keep playing it. I have no doubt I’ll buy the DLC next year and have a great time all over again… (My review can be found HERE)

Top 10 Games 2018 2

Red Dead Redemption II just barely missed out on getting my #1 spot. It was a pleasure to play, but it was the story that was absolutely off-the-charts. I was so emotionally invested in the storyline that I, probably for the first time ever, started to ignore all side-quests and free-roaming fun in favour of going straight to the next story mission. I was not disappointed. The actual gameplay is good too! (My review cane be found HERE)

Top 10 Games 2018 1

Here we are then, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets the Number 1 spot, which at least makes the pain-in-the-arse “Countdown to Smash Ultimate Marathon” I did mean something! Anyway, there was a time when this was in the #2 spot behind Red Dead, even when I completed the World of Light mode, I thought this would still be second as I moved on to other games I got over Christmas… except, I didn’t. I played multiplayer with friends and family, and I found myself staring at the new games I got but feeling like I really wanted to put Smash back on. Even Red Dead, when I finished it, I finished it. I didn’t feel like returning to it, but Smash I was straight back onto the Spirit Board, unlocking cut-out PNGs of characters from gaming’s history. While I like playing Just Cause 4, it has still taken a backseat to a game I’ve been playing damn near non-stop since December 7th, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. That’s why Smash Ultimate is my choice for Game of the Year 2018, and I won’t be surprised if it’s one of my most played games of 2019 either…

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