Legion – Season 3 Overall Review

Legion S3

Legion’s first two seasons are still among the best things I’ve had the pleasure to watch in general, let alone on TV, so it is a slight shame to say that Season 3 is really good, but didn’t have than standout “wow factor” like its previous two. Still more than worthy of a watch, but a shame given it was the final season… Let’s take a closer look!


A young mutant with the nickname Switch has the ability to create doorways that can allow for time travel. Unsatisfied with her life, she discovers clues that eventually lead her to a cult run by David and Lenny. David explains to Switch that he has been searching for a time traveller for a very specific task…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

Legion S3 1

Switch, the time traveller, stands in front of a giant clock… subtle!

Legion’s third season has a focus on time travel, and as per usual for the series it’s presented really oddly, but with great flare and style. A girl soon known only as Switch can access a corridor in time, with little doors labelled “Five Minutes Ago”, “One Hour Ago” and so on. The further you go back the quicker you are likely to encounter “Time Eaters”, really creepy looking blue smirking demons who move with the tick of a clock (in a similar manor to the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, just without the blinking idea) and as soon as David tries to properly meddle in his own past (by stopping the Shadow King known as Farouk from invading his mind when he was a baby) he lets all the demons out to wreak havoc. A lot of the scenes with these monsters trying to consume our lead cast, moving with the tick-tock of a clock, was great, exciting and as always really well shot.

Also on the subject of time travel, this season has a lot of focus on Charles Xavier and his wife, showing his first fight with the Shadow King and, during the climax, saw Charles meet David and team up with him, though in classic Xavier fashion, he was shocked to see his future son so intent on killing another being, even one so seemingly evil. Charles was played by Harry Lloyd, and done brilliantly as a slightly snobby guy who fell in love with a woman whose mind he helped heal.

Legion S3 3

Charles uses some primitive version of the Cerebro, because sometimes its easy to forget this series is based on an X-Men character!

Dan Stevens was still perfect as the unhinged and now at full power David Haller, including all his different personalities (who refer to themselves as Legion for the first time!) and some really great scenes of him showing off his abilities. The potential left over from the cliffhanger of Season 2 was fulfilled as he spends most of the season as the big bad villain that the rest of the main cast are trying to take down. He’s a weird cult leader and does some pretty nasty things during the course of the story, though seemingly only because he knows his actions will be undone when he resets the timeline…

Navid Negahban as Amahl Farouk was his usual super-charming yet clearly evil self, both as a younger past self and in the more chilled current form, and Rachel Keller as Syd brought the “messed up girlfriend” full circle and made her a toughened “bad ass” at the end. The rest of the supporting cast continued their roles too (including a one-episode return of Jean Smart and Jemaine Clement as Melanie and Oliver Bird in a fun and weird bottle episode in another dimension that was also a plant pot…?)  and new cast member Lauren Tsai was good as Switch (who turned out to be some Godly time being thing in the end…?)

I’d also like to mention Aubrey Plaza as Lenny Busker, who got a great send off by seeing the daughter she had somehow created with another woman grow all the way up to old age and die, and the effect finally breaking her for good, leading to her suicide. It was crazy and surreal as always, but it was a tragic and sadly fitting end to the character.

The Bad:

Legion S3 2

The Time Eaters, not quite the over-weight, yellow-eyed demon Shadow King from the first season in scary levels, but pretty close!

Can’t say I loved the ending… David and Charles battle the old Farouk and current Farouk in the past, but Charles finds out that the Shadow King from our time had grown attached to David like a son, and so didn’t want to hurt him any more, something he manages to convince his younger self. David finally lets go and he and Syd look over the baby David, now no longer bound to be possessed, and slowly fade away as history changes. I mean, it’s not bad, but the Farouk twist came out of nowhere, really. I’m pretty sure Season 2 ended with a battle between David and Farouk where the latter was definitely trying to kill the person he apparently came to look at as a son, so… Hmmmm. The scene of Charles convincing David to not kill his nemesis and eventually saw him hug his future off-spring was good though, the ending certainly wasn’t all bad… Plus it had a lot of good scenes with the Time Eaters, so…

Not much else to complain about, mind you. At just eight episodes it never felt padded out, and it still had time to go a little odd and crazy, so it was fine as a final season in that it didn’t feel like it was rushed, but I can’t say the ending wasn’t a let down, especially after the stunning end to Season 2!

Overall Thoughts:

Legion S3 4

David Haller one last time: so good at being bad.

Legion’s final season has lots of great scenes with the fully confident David using his powers and time travelling to meet his father, plus the rest of the cast were all on fine form along with more zany, well stylized and brilliantly shot story we’ve come to expect, but I have to say the ending was a little anti-climactic. A shame after two very easy fives that I feel I have to knock Legion’s final season down to a 4. The show overall is still an easy five though, and one I’ll always think back fondly, especially as Season 1 was the very first 5-Star on this blog!

4 Star Watch

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