Marvel Anime: X-Men Review

This was recommended to me by Netflix’s algorithm (probably due to me having watch both comic book adaptations and anime, I guess…) and I thought “Why not? It’s only 12 episodes and I am interested to see how they handled it!” I’m happy to report that I enjoyed it a lot, it actually took a unique look into the world of X-Men rather than focus on villains like Magneto, and was all the more interesting for it. Let’s take a look!

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X-Men (Arcade) Review

Continuing with the theme of licensed games we started last week, we now have our first game based on a Marvel Comics property, the first of a fair few. The X-Men arcade game shares a lot with the previous Konami entry, and even expanded up to six players on screen at once, but sadly it’s perhaps best known for its badly translated Magneto dialogue, specifically “I am Magento: Master of Magnet!” and, of course, “Welcome to die!”. What is the actual game like post-dialogue? Let’s find out!

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The Gifted – Season 1 Overall Review

Gifted S1

The Gifted was announced around the same time Legion was on the air, and if you saw my Legion review or my Top 10 TV shows list, you’ll know how much I loved that show. The Gifted is far more straight forward X-Men based show, though admittedly without the X-Men themselves and instead a cast of lesser known or original mutants. It’s a perfectly fine show that’s faithful to the core idea of the X-Men franchise, but it also plays it very safe. Let’s have a look as its first season, then, shall we?

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