Mega Man 10 (PS3) Review


So, I’ve finally done it. I’ve played through all 10 Mega Man g- oh, right… During the course of the marathon Mega Man 11 was released… Still, I set out to play through all 10 original series Mega Man games that were released at the time, and I’ve accomplished that much at least! Thankfully MM10 ends the run on a high note, fixing pretty much everything I disliked about 9 and providing a really fun experience. So let’s take a look!


MM10 1

Ah yes… “Sheep Man” does somewhat stick out in this line up. Not that “Pump Man” sounds particularly good either…

Mega Man 10 was released digitally on the PS3, XBOX360 and Wii in March 2010 (across various different days depending on console and region…) and has since been re-released on physical media both on the “Capcom Essentials Pack” in August 2013, and again in May 2018 as part of the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2.

The eight Robot Masters for this run include your basic fire (Solar Man), ice (Chill Man), water (Pump Man) missiles (Commando Man) and physical weapon (Blade Man) types, but also has some oddities. Sheep Man is literally a sheep robot, though his stage is all decked out like it’s from Tron and has loads of references to PCs and other technology, though in the end his weapon is electricity based, rather unoriginally. Strike Man is based on a baseball, but his whole level is full of all sorts of sports references, and Nitro Man is based around cars, complete with a level full of trucks driving across long stretches of road, and the Master himself is pretty much a car with legs.

After all these is your standard Wily sub-bosses and Wily himself. One such sub-boss was a series of three computer rooms which had the powers of three bosses from Mega Man 1-3, 4-6 and 7-9, respectively, which was a nice nod to the fact this is Mega Man 10, and was very fitting given my run through of all 10 over the last two years…


MM10 2

Yep, this whole screenshot screams “Sheep Man!”

So, for the tenth and… well, it won’t be the final time (it’s not like I don’t plan on buying MM11 eventually or anything!), the game plays like this: you run to the right of the screen, platform jumping, shooting and occasionally flying (if you use your trusty robot dog Rush) until you reach the boss Robot Master, who you then defeat and gain access to his weapon. You do this eight times then do a final run of several harder levels until the end boss. There.

Okay, so there are a few other things. A shop where you can buy temporary assistance items via screws you pick up during the course of the level is back, and you can also choose to play as Proto Man right from the start. Sadly Mega Man is still unable to charge his blaster or slide like he could in most Mega Man games (those are still exclusive to Proto Man) but at least they brought back being able to scroll between your collected Robot Master weapons with the shoulder buttons mid-game.

Thankfully something else they changed from Mega Man 9 was the difficulty. Or at least, they offered several different difficulty levels to choose from, so I left the hardest to the crazy (talented) people and played on the default middle-of-the-road difficulty, which provided a good challenge without me having to restart levels all the time…

Graphics and Sound:

MM10 4

A completely unique level theme! Always a nice thing to see after 10 games…

The graphics are much the same as Mega Man 9, as in very in-keeping with the NES era it’s emulating, though with a few technical flares that probably wouldn’t have been possible at the time (or not really thought of , anyway). It’s nice to look at nostalgically, but obviously I’m not going to big them up as amazing, nor am I going to crap on them, they do what they’re supposed to do…

As for them music? Great! A couple of themes were really catchy and memorable (especially Solar Man Stage, Sheep Man Stage, Nitro Man Stage and Wily Stage 1) and most importantly, they were all original too. Even the “Get Equipped” scenes didn’t just have MM2’s music but an original tune, making it new and old, rather than just trying to be Mega Man 2…


MM10 6

Alright, don’t sound too excited there, Dr. Light…

A mysterious illness has begun to infect robots called “Roboenza”, and it’s causing the robots to rebel and attack innocent people. Dr. Wily of all people has reached out to Mega Man to help cure the disease and save everyone… but, well, you know, Dr. Wily was behind it all along and nearly get away with it too. When Mega Man is cured by Roll, he stops Wily… who then somehow seemingly catches Roboenza himself…? Either way, they look after Wily, and as a thanks he leaves the cure to the disease behind for them…

So a little different, though it is a bit of a coincidence that Mega Man faced eight rogue robots before having to fight Wily… The final stage ends up not being the final stage, by the way. You think you’re about to face Wily after having defeated the robot masters gauntlet, but instead the map zooms all the way up to a Wily space station above Wily Castle. It was a fun twist that I forgot to mention earlier.

Downloadable Content:

MM10 5

You know I’ve gone nine games without screenshotting the boss rush screen… oh, I see, that’s because it’s a pretty boring screenshot… Oh well, here it is!

The DLC (or unlockable content if you’re playing the Legacy Collection) is being able to play as Bass, who can shoot in five directions, among other abilities, and some bonus challenges, apparently based on some GameBoy Mega Man titles. They have three unique bosses, Enker from “Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge”, Punk from “Mega Man III”, and Ballade from “Mega Man IV” (or so I’m told!), and if you complete them as Mega Man you get to use their weapons…

Thoughts Now:

MM10 3

A boss rush of enemies from all previous 9 games was a perfect little trip down this marathon’s … er, two year history.

Mega Man 10 was the perfect way to cap off my run through of the series. It has plenty of nods to the previous 9 games, but was also very much its own thing, with a better balanced difficulty level, the quick weapon switching, and original and catchy soundtrack. If I ever get the itch to play one of these again, this would be right up there near the top of the list…

4 Star Game New

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