Doctor Who: Interstitial / Feast of Fear Review

DW Interstitial Feast of Fear

The Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa, along with their new companion Marc, have their first two adventures as a quartet, and sadly the two stories in question are rather unremarkable. Not bad by any means, but not very memorable. One of those “middle of the road” things, where you won’t remember them in a month or two’s time… Oh well, let’s take a closer look anyway!

Synopsis (of Interstitial):

When the TARDIS is drawn off-course by temporal disruption, the Doctor and his companions discover a research facility conducting dangerous experiments. But how do you fight the future when time itself is being used as a weapon?

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

DW Interstitial Feast of Fear Cover

As per usual the cover is great. Love the work on Ring Master-ing up Nyssa!

I quite enjoyed Interstitial. Two scientists mess with chronon particles and end up being thrown in the time vortex, one gaining God-like abilities, the other denying them to save himself. The Doctor and co. soon arrive on the space station where the experiments took place and meet the energy being that was once a scientist named Kalu, though they’re split in two, The Doctor and Marc in one time period, Nyssa and Tegan a few hours behind. Chris Jennings, the other scientist, eventually helps Tegan, and eventually The Doctor, to undo their experiments entirely, the only way to stop them. It was an entertaining enough hour, with some fun concepts, but still didn’t exactly light the world on fire…

The Bad:

Feast of Fear was a bit dull, despite a … unique premise, of sorts. An Irish travelling circus during the 19th Century famine gets overtaken by an alien that feeds on emotions, and starts using the travelling trope to gather large audiences and suck them dry. When we start the journey Nyssa and The Doctor have already been captured, The Doctor being forced to act as a fortune teller as he blocks the thoughts of the alien by talking and being blindfolded (which for some reason the alien can’t take off?), meanwhile Nyssa acts as the ring master, and gleefully watches on she commands the crowd before they get drained. Tegan and Marc soon run into someone who lost a love one to the circus and naturally help The Doctor escape and bring Nyssa to her senses. Throw in a lesbian love story and a cliché ending of the alien dying because it was fed too much emotion for it to handle, and that’s Feast of Fear! It had a good setting and everything, but I just felt bored throughout…

The Continuity:

With the exception of Marc obviously debuting in last month’s story “Tartarus“, there isn’t much to go on here. The Doctor will later have more trouble revolving around a circus in the Seventh Doctor TV Story “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy”, and there is a mention of a few creatures that exist in the Time Vortex that appeared in other stories, but that’s about it.

Overall Thoughts:

Interstitial was a perfectly fine little story, where as Feast of Fear I found to be quite dull. Neither I can see myself rushing back to listen to, sadly. Beyond a few gasps at modern technology, nothing was really done with Marc either, which is odd… If you’re not subscribed and are instead buying these things monthly, this is one you can skip.


3 Star Listen

Feast of Fear:

2 Star Listen

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