Doctor Who: Target Practice Review

DW Target Practice

This is going to be a quicky! Target Practice was a single issue comic story and isn’t even connected to the mini-story arc seen in the previous two comics. Still, is it fun to breeze through?


The Third Doctor and Jo travel to a remote UNIT outpost, and find a deadly welcoming party waiting for them!

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

DW Target Practice 1

Behold, one of only two panels (not including the one used in the thumbnail) I was able to find! Given it’s a single issue long though, that’s quite impressive!

Basically, The Doctor and Jo arrive at a training base by the Brigadier’s orders, but The Doctor is suspicious. There they meet “Colonel Ashe” and take a tour of training dummies that look like some of The Doctor’s “greatest foes”. During this tour The Doctor fools him by swapping some of the names of the aliens around and him not noticing, so Ashe reveals he’s actually a Soviet spy and wants to recruit The Doctor away from UNIT.

The Doctor agrees, but then grounds his helicopter and “HAI!” ‘s him unconscious just as The Brig arrives. For a single issue story, it was fun enough, but…

The Bad:

Now artwork is a subjective thing, but the over-stylised art used here isn’t to my tastes. It’s well done, I can’t say the artwork is bad, but I’m glad this was just the one issue, let’s put it that way.

The Continuity:

DW Target Practice 2

That’s one hell of a thin head The Brig’s got… or really broad shoulders, one of the two!

Well, there was plenty of continuity in the shot of training dummies, but nothing actually linking to a specific episode in any meaningful way.

Overall Thoughts:

Obviously for a single issue it wasn’t going to score highly anyway, but throw in the different art style that I personally didn’t care for, and it wasn’t great. Wasn’t bad, but I won’t be going back and reading this again…

3 Star Read

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