Doctor Who: Black Destiny Review

DW Black Destiny

We’re nearing the end of our run through the Ground Zero GN, with just this story to go before we reach the final and titular tale. Black Destiny, much like most of the stories in this run, is set during a rarely seen time, in this case it’s The Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry, who are on the way back to Earth after having just dealt a blow to the Cybermen (though let’s face it, had Liz Sladen and Ian Marter still been alive, Big Finish would have mined this period dry!) and deals with zombies and Chernobyl. Now there’s a combo! Let’s have a look…


The Fourth Doctor, Liz and Harry travel to Russia in 2086, but a tragedy from its past threatens to destroy them all!

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

DW Black Destiny 4

Always a great combination, no matter the format!

While it starts off as a rather generic, albeit fun, zombie cliché, complete with zombies bursting through windows, a lead character (Harry) getting sick, a man (called Ivan in this case) being mysteriously immune and an evil mastermind (in this case, Gregor Arkady) at the centre, it does evolve a bit as we go along. As I spoiled in the opening paragraph (sorry?) it all ends up linking back to the Chernobyl disaster, as Arkady is the descendant of a family who were mutated by the radiation of the incident, which (SOMEHOW) ended up with Gregor being able to mutate other people into zombie-like things and then absorb their energy.

At the end of issue 2 he absorbs enough energy that he turns into a weird… sentient cloud person, who now plans to rain down hell on Moscow to take revenge on the families of those who roughly 100 years ago failed his family and village. He is stopped by Ivan, who as it turns out is the descendant of the only survivor of the Chernobyl incident in question and that has somehow made him the anti-body to Arkady’s … weird cloud powers, which means when Gregor the Cloud tries to kill him, he instead gets destroyed by Ivan’s ray… thing. Yeah, that last issue is a bit weird…

Fun story up to that point, with great artwork once again.

The Bad:

DW Black Destiny 3

“What… is… happening…?!” is pretty much spot on for this scene, yeah…

Due to the rather rushed and not very satisfying ending, it falls short of being a great three-issue story. I don’t know if more issues would’ve helped, but that can’t have hurt… Ah well.

The Continuity:

DW Black Destiny 2

Classic jump scare, right there! Doesn’t really work with comics mind you…

Beyond it taking place in between “Revenge of the Cybermen” and “Terror of the Zygons”, there isn’t much.

For the third and final time we see a companion, in this case Sarah, get talked too by a mysterious presence off screen. This force reveals itself in the final panel, leading to the next story: “Ground Zero” itself…

Overall Thoughts:

DW Black Destiny 1

Yikes! That’s quite the stare from the Doctor…

Black Destiny is two thirds fun zombie cliché with a rarely used Doctor / companion combo, one third rushed and frankly weird super-powered cop-out ending. Still more good than bad, and the cliffhanger makes you excited for Ground Zero, but it’s not perfect by any means…

4 Star Read

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