Mobile Suit Victory Gundam – Episodes 28 – 39 Review

Victory Gundam Part 3

Victory Gundam’s third batch of episodes features the appearance of Uso’s mother (given she’s a female character, you know how that turns out!) and loads and loads of wheels. Mobile suits in wheels, large capital ships with wheels, the huge ship class called the “Adrastia” is also on wheels… it’s very odd, especially the first few episodes in space! Is it good though? Well… *sigh*… No. Not really. Let’s take a look anyway…


With most of its resources having been depleted in the previous battle, the Reinforce Junior is forced to retreat to the nearby colony of Macedonia, which is under the influence of the Zanscare Empire. The ship’s crew are sent to a prison camp and Marbet and Oliver marry to lower the guards’ defences…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

Victory Gundam Part 3 2

A picture of the V2 Gundam would’ve made more sense here… Oh well, let’s enjoy Uso getting attacked by evil white lines.

I really like the design of the V2 Gundam, and have done since first seeing it in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 all those years ago. I mean, I don’t know why Uso doesn’t use the “light wings” more, given the kind of power they show, but either way, it’s a unique and quite “cool” looking suit. It’s a shame really…

Apart from that, it’s just the same as the last batch. There are some good mobile suit battles, both in space and on Earth, though this time they’re hindered a bit by having the enemy suits riding around (or floating in space) while in the middle of a big wheel. The idea that the designer of that suit, as well as the “Motorad Fleet” of big capital ships with colossal wheels, is just a really big fan of the old Earth concept of motorbikes does make me laugh. When he and his lover get killed there is a weird scene where everyone thinks they can see a motorbike taking off through the smoke, and then we see the two Zanscare members happily riding on a bike with some pleasant singing and flashbacks to previous scenes, as if they were beloved characters going to “biker heaven” or something. Surreal, and unintentionally hilarious!

The Bad:

Victory Gundam Part 3 1

The best part is that the two wheels can combine together to create one bigger wheel! WOW!

Broken record time, but… the characters. All of them. Uso is just a kid who keeps getting crapped on by this war, but instead of feeling sorry for him I’m confused because he always starts each episode in the Gundam cockpit perfectly fine. He reunites with his mother, but she soon gets kidnapped, then he fails to rescue her, before she’s used as a human shield and decapitated while getting crushed by a giant wheel (of course!) Uso brings his own mother’s decapitated head in a helmet so he can bury it later and has a bit of a cry to end the episode, but then next episode is fine. He starts describing the Zanscare Empire as “those people who killed my Mum”, but that’s about it. I mean, if this were real, you could say he’s just traumatised and he’s due a major breakdown, but it’s not that, it’s just lazy writing.

Shakti is still getting kidnapped and rescued, Odelo (one of the annoying “cool orphans”) and Tomas (one of the… other characters) train to be pilots, which given they’re men they should be safe. Oh, Marbet’s love interest Oliver marries her just before completely pointlessly suiciding his plane into a giant wheel (of course!), which breaks Marbet’s heart and affects her in the next episode, meaning it’s less of Oliver dying and more tormenting a female pilot without killing her, at least not yet. I don’t fancy her chances in the finale, let’s put it that way!

Katejina is now just full on snobby bitch who’s fully into the Zanscare Empire and really wants to kill Uso because he’s a kid who shouldn’t be as good as he is (whatever that means) and Chronicle has lost all his interesting qualities, apart from one scene when he verbally makes it know that his old classmate using Uso’s mother as a shield is not a strategy he can get on board with. I mean he still lets it happen, and we don’t see if he punishes anyone for it or not because a ceasefire is signed at the end of the episode off screen. A ceasefire that has no effect as Uso and co keep getting attacked in subsequent episodes anyway. I’m pretty sure it happened so Uso can say “Why didn’t the ceasefire happen five minutes earlier, then my mother would still be alive!”, because we all love mentally torturing Uso and then watching him forget it 20 minutes later.

Victory Gundam Part 3 3

This was the best screenshot I could find of the Adrastea-class ships, but it’s hard to tell the sheer stupid scale of it… (plus the damage is from Uso’s mother’s death, so… the screenshot has that going for it, I guess!)

The good majority of these episodes feature Zanscare’s “Operation: Earth Clean”, which is using the gigantic motorbike ships to literally run towns and cities over to wipe the land clean. It was too stupid to take seriously, especially when the mobile suits that protect them are also, as previously mentioned, in giant wheels. There are also quite a few suits getting shot in the nuclear reactors and exploding like a nuke, which is something very rarely featured, but is also brushed off quite quickly.

Basically, to sum it up, I didn’t care about the characters, the plot and enemy suits and ships were too stupid to take any drama seriously, and I’m genuinely excited that the next batch of episodes is the last batch, so I can go back to watching something I enjoy watching, rather than watching for completions sake…

Overall Thoughts:

Victory Gundam Part 3 4

Uso’s managed to avoid the killer white lines and led them to his rival! WILL SHE SURVIVE?!

GIANT WHEELS. Also, see the final paragraph of the Bad section. I just don’t care about any of it. Sure the V2 Gundam looks cool and there are some moments of good action, but it doesn’t come close to covering for the bad, the weird depressing, anti-women, pro-wheel nonsense. Still not as bad as the first batch of episodes, so that saves it from a 1 rating at least…

2 Star Watch

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