Doctor Who: Me and My Shadow & Uroboros Review

This is one of those interesting stories that clearly exists purely to set up the big finale. “Me and My Shadow” reintroduces us to Fey/Shayde for her appearances in Uroboros and the next story titled Oblivion, while Uroboros itself … well, I’ll wait until after the spoiler warning to talk about that! So while the story is fine it does feel a bit like a prologue rather than a stand-alone story, but one that does have some great moments…


In order to track Izzy’s kidnappers across the galaxy The Doctor needs the help of the entity he once knew as Shayde…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

The Good:

Having her around would certainly have helped during WWII, that’s for sure!

Since it came first I’ll “get it out of the way” and talk about “Me and My Shadow”. It’s a single issue Doctor-less lead-in to Uroboros focusing entirely of Fey and her relationship with the Time Lord construct inhabiting her body known as Shayde. Fey is back in World War II acting as a spy but is finding it hard not to use her new other-worldly super-powers to give her side an unfair advantage, mostly because that other-worldly power has its own free will and refuses to alter the course of history. It’s an interesting internal struggle and a fascinating character, so it’s almost a shame that at the end of the story she/they are off to re-join the Doctor on his travels.

The big reveal in Uroboros, and frankly the only reason that the strip exists, is that Destrii is still alive and still in Izzy’s original body. The Doctor and Feyde arrive back on the super-massive snake ship known as Ophidius while following Izzy’s trail, and while on the run from the now slightly-more intelligent and in-charge Mobox race he runs into Destrii, where she reveals that the Mobox can reassemble anything it disintegrates with its mouth-blast. She apparently was reassembled in order to face a long and painful death, but escaped the execution and had been living in the jungles of the Snake-ship ever since. The best part of this is how The Doctor and Destrii react to each other, the latter doing her sarcastic jokey bit but The Doctor has NONE of it. He treats her quite uncharacteristically with contempt and anger, as well as cursing himself for not looking into the Mobox’s physiology earlier and saving Izzy months of misery. It’s really good stuff. Sadly the rest of the story is rather plain…

The Bad:

Good old Mobox! … No wait, hang on… Dull old Mobox, that’s the one.

Uroboros beyond the Destrii plotline is rather… average. Feyde reveals more of her crazy powers while battling the Mobox and exploring Ophidius itself, then she/he/they meet up with The Doctor and Destrii and the three are shocked when Ophidius itself wakes and reveals that it’s sentient and was actually being controlled by the Mobox, and the Ophidians before it. It wipes out both races from within itself and begins to attack the planet below until The Doctor, Destrii and Feyde arrive, it being revealed that Ophidius sees Destrii as its saviour due to her murdering those who controlled it. Destrii convinces it to bring peace to the universe rather than death (beyond those who threatened her) and the trio leave for Destrii’s home planet to save Izzy, Destrii less than thrilled with the idea…

It’s fine, like I said, but it doesn’t really grip you beyond the Destrii reveal and her interactions with a furious Doctor.

The Continuity:

It’s the return of the first ever impressive colour splash page!

As well as following on from the cliffhanger at the end of “Children of the Revolution” and leading directly onto the end of the story arc in the next strip, “Oblivion”, it’s also a direct sequel to “Ophidius”, which kicked off the arc in the first place. So very arc heavy!

Beyond that though, it also connects to Fey (who debuted in “Tooth and Claw”) and her new “Feyde” existence that we saw get created in “Wormwood”. So a lot of Eighth Doctor comic continuity is this one. I’ll also mention that the Mobox make an unexpected return in the Thirteenth Doctor comic “The Power of the Mobox“…

Overall Thoughts:

The Doctor legitimately angry with himself. A rare thing… erm, for the Eighth Doctor this early in his life, anyway…

This double-whammy is essential reading for those following the Eighth Doctor comics as it pulls together a bunch of plot-threads ready for them to pay-off in the next story. That being said there are moments where the framework around these plot threads fail to deliver much excitement, though I personally feel it’s worth reading for The Doctor and Destrii’s interactions alone…

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