Soylent Green Review

Soylent Green

We reach the 1970s in the Sci-Fi films “10 Decades” marathon, and with it we reach another film where I’ve seen / heard it mentioned or parodied so much I wanted to finally watch it. Soylent Green is a dystopian story set in 2022 New York, where over-population has caused a greater divide between the rich and poor, and global warming has made the weather constantly muggy and unpleasant… Probably closer to how a lot of the world will be like in four years’ time than we’d all like, really… Anyway, enough current day political bollocks, let’s have a look at the film in question!

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Ant-Man and the Wasp Review

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man, the original film, was one of my favourites from the MCU. It was legitimately funny, had a simple but enjoyable plot and good characters, so when Ant-Man and the Wasp was announced I was looking forward to it… then the trailers drop, and some early reviews came out, and I decided that it sounded fun but probably wasn’t worth the price of a bus and cinema ticket on top of the Blu-ray I’d inevitably buy, and I was right! It was a fun film, but not amazing and lacking in consequence… Let’s take a closer look!

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My Hero Academia – Two Heroes Anime UK News Review

MHA Two Heroes

I had the rare pleasure of a secret stream review for Anime UK News, in this case it was a screening of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, the first film for the franchise that is debuting in UK cinemas this week. The review can be found HERE.

While MHA is very much a Japanese voice kind of series for me (mainly because that’s how I’ve always watched it via Crunchyroll) I didn’t mind that the stream was the dub version only, as it was surprisingly competent given it had so many teen characters in it…

Fantastic Voyage Review

Fantastic Voyage

You know all those episodes of shows where people get shrank down and go around the inside of a human body? Well, this is what they’re all, in some way, based off of. That’s why I chose it for the 60s entry in the “Sci-Fi films I haven’t seen” decades marathon. It’s another one of those “seen it parodied so much I wanted to see the original” kind of things. So, beyond its importance to science fiction in general, is it still fun to watch, now in 2018? Well…

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500th Review Special: Action Force – The Movie Review!

Action Force The Movie

It’s my 500th published review! Between Anime UK News, this (two-part) blog and a few oddities, this is review #500, and boy is that a weird thing. So, how to celebrate? Well, I couldn’t really think of anything major after blowing my first written review ever on celebrating 200 reviews, so I thought I’d review a childhood favourite as a fun one-off. Action Force: The Movie, known pretty much every where else as “G.I. Joe: The Movie” (but this is me nostalgically looking back, so screw that!), is an odd one. It takes the often more… I hate to say realistic, but the more… grounded idea of an international force trying to stop a terrorist group and turns it into pure science fiction. A lot of people hate it for that reason, but I can’t do anything other than love it… and here’s why!

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Forbidden Planet Review

Forbidden Planet

It’s the 1950s and we already have our first colour film in this “10 Decades” marathon. Forbidden Planet has been on my mental “to watch” list for many, many years, the design of Robby the Robot being just one of many things from this film that has been referenced or parodied in countless shows, movies and games I’ve experienced over the years. Turns out, after all this unintentional waiting, that the film is just a really good sci-fi story even now. Amazing effects for the time, a talented cast, and an interesting central plot, it’s only a slow middle that really hurts this otherwise gem of a film. Let’s take a closer look!

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Man-Made Monster Review

Man Made Monster

You know, it was really hard to find a sci-fi movie for the 40s (especially as I’m saving the classic Universal monster movies for a much later marathon), I guess they had other things on their mind during a lot of the decade! Anyway, Man-Made Monster is where I’ve landed, a less talked about and obviously far less iconic Universal movie, but one that ticks all the boxes for what you want out of them. Let’s take a look!

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Island of Lost Souls Review

Island of Lost Souls

We reach  the 1930s in my “10 Decades” etc. marathon (just look at the thumbnail for the full title!) and while I could have gone with one of the Universal horror films that straddle the line into sci-fi (apart from Frankenstein, as I’ve seen it already) I’ve gone with Island of Lost Souls for the simple reason that I’ve seen it parodied so many times I feel it’s only right to watch the original (a common theme in this marathon, it has to be said!) So let’s take a look at this extremely early H.G. Wells adaptation, that he himself… strongly disliked. Ah well…

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Metropolis Review


Okay… here we go. Now, I’m going to put my hand up right away and say I’m not the biggest fan of silent films, or indeed much that was released in early cinema in general, but at least this film I felt I needed to see (where as the next two in the marathon are pretty much just so I can have 10 decades and 10 films…). I also have to say that while I found it visually impressive and amazing to think of that fact that it was created before even World War II, in general I also found it to be far too long. Now, it’s such an influential film that, as big of a fan of the Sci-Fi genre that I am, I’m glad I’ve watched it but some things said in this review might make certain film student types go crazy… All that being said, let’s have a look!

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A View to a Kill Review

A View to a Kill

We finally reach the end of the Roger Moore era of Bond with A View to a Kill. Many people cite it as a bad Bond movie, but beyond Roger looking like he’s… well, his age, it’s actually a fun film. Close your eyes any time Bond is in bed and you’ve got a fun (and zany) plot with a great villain and so many set pieces that the film never feels like slows down. Let’s take a closer look and wave goodbye to the longest serving Bond while we’re at it…

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