Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World – Volume 1 Anime UK News Review

Bleach Cant Fear Your Own World Vol 1

It’s funny that I put up my first book review on this blog a month or two back, then suddenly I had my first book review for Anime UK News! “Can’t Fear Your Own World” is a light novel set after the end of the manga series and sees to the job of tying up a bunch of loose ends. Does the first third of this story do the job? Click HERE to find out!

Bleach – Substitute Shinigami Arc (Episodes 1 – 14) Review

Bleach SubSArc P1

Now I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes here, but think back to Bleach when it was in its beginning, this arc (of again, smaller stories) and the second, bigger arc (the Soul Society Arc) are frankly brilliant, it’s only during the endless Arrancar Arc where things started slowly turning south, and then… yeah. But this isn’t an overall look at Shonen Jump! series, this is debut arcs, and I honestly think Bleach did it best (of the ones I’ve seen / read). With these first fourteen episodes you get a good feel for not only our lead protagonist, but for nearly all his surrounding cast, meaning we truly feel like we know the unit when they then have to jump head first into danger in the next arc. Let’s take a closer look and round off this Top 5!

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