Iron Fist – Season 2 Overall Review

Iron Fist S2

Iron Fist Season 2 is a far, far better season than its first. While not perfect, Season 2 at least has characters you care about, it’s shorter in length, lacks big business boardroom meetings and has lots of well choreographed fight scenes. Roasting Iron Fist Season 1 was one of the first posts to go up on this blog, so it’s nice to see the follow up be far more fun to review. Well… let’s have a look then!

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Iron Fist – Season 2 Episodes 6 – 10 Review

Iron Fist S2 P2

The second half of Iron Fist Season 2 manages to continue the momentum from the first half and deliver a satisfying conclusion. The sheer difference in quality between seasons 1 and 2 is staggering, but that doesn’t mean this season is flawless… So let’s take a look and see just how many different Iron Fists one season can cram in!

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Iron Fist – Season 2 Episodes 1 – 5 Review

Iron Fist Season 2 P1

The original Iron Fist season got a lot wrong, it was focused on boardroom politics too much, it had too many unlikable characters and, bizarrely, had few martial arts sequences and ones they did do were often poorly done. So, Season 2? Massive improvement so far. Better fights, more fights, and practically no scenes in Rand Enterprises at all! While it’s not perfect, it far better… so let’s take a look at the first half! (it’s only 10 episodes this time…)

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Luke Cage – Season 2 Overall Review

Luke Cage S2

Luke Cage’s second season is a vast improvement over Season 1, or to be more precise, it’s like the great first half of Season 1, but across its whole 13 episode run. A fun new villain with a great, sympathetic backstory (as all good villains have!), an old villain who just keeps getting worse, and a great supporting cast. Let’s waste no more time and take a closer look at the season as a whole!

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Luke Cage – Season 2 Episodes 1 – 4 Review

Luke Cage S2 P1

Luke Cage’s first season was part good, part dull, so fingers crossed Season 2 learns from past mistakes. So far I can say it’s been good, but with a few flaws, which is how Season 1 started! Anyway, while it’s far from perfect, it has some good action, good humour, good drama and sets up the new big villain really well. That’s a good start to a season! Let’s take a look…

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Lost in Space – Season 1 Overall Review

Lost in Space S1

I took my time getting around to this Netflix series as it didn’t immediatly appeal, admittedly my knowledge of Lost in Space is limited to the Matt LeBlanc film from the 90s, so… Not really a surprise I didn’t jump straight in! Anyway, I ended up really enjoying the series! It took its time to get going, that’s for sure, but it really picked up in the latter stages and prooved itself worthy of a second season. So let’s take a closer look then!

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Jessica Jones – Season 2 Overall Review

Jessica Jones S2

So another 13-episode chapter in the Netflix “street level” side of the MCU comes to a close, and sadly it’s on the lower end of the quality scale. It had a monster of a task following up on Jessica Jones Season 1 and its lead villain Killgrave, a task it couldn’t beat, though to be fair it goes in a completely different direction with its lead antagonist rather than inevitably fail to try and copy the already successful formula. So let’s have an overall look at Jessica Jones Season 2, because there is plenty to like still… It’s thankfully no Iron Fist!

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Jessica Jones – Season 2 Episodes 10 – 13 Review

Jessica Jones S2 P3

Jessica Jones Season 2 ends on a high note, which is good because the season up to now has been quite flat. If you’ve stuck with it so far you’re treated to a great conclusion to the Jessica / Alisa Jones story, and a pretty good end to Trish’s struggle as well (plus an episode full of Killgrave again! Who doesn’t want that?) So let’s take a look after the spoiler message so I can actually talk about things!

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