Doctor Who: Cuckoo and Uninvited Guest Review

DW Cuckoo and UG

My journey through the Emperor of the Daleks collected DWM comics comes to an end with these two low-key stories. It also marks the end of the Seventh Doctor comic strips in the magazine, as after this they just switched between Doctors as the idea of new Who on TV began to vanish. So let’s see how this era of British Who comics came to an end!

Synopsis (of Uninvited Guest):

In celebration of another successful “game” with the lesser beings of the universe, a small group of Eternals gather for a grand ball. One of the artefacts peppering the ballroom is a clock, frozen at the moment of the death of the world it was taken from.

Sitting at the head of the table with a mocking look on his face is the Doctor…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

DW Cuckoo and UG 2

The perfect depiction of an arrogant prick… The middle panel, not Sylvester McCoy!

The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) – The Seventh incarnation of the Doctor always has a plan, and always makes sure not to tell anyone about them, even his companions. That being said, he at least always has the best intentions… well, most of the time!

Bernice Summerfield – An archaeologist from the future who is travelling with The Doctor and Ace, still in the “trusting The Doctor and happily following him around” phase.

Ace (Sophie Aldred) – A more bitter and grounded Ace who refuses to follow The Doctor’s lead, but will still do what’s right.

Mary Anne WesleyPalaeontologist whose discovery of an alien fossil could have set back humanity’s scientific development decades. Luckily The Doctor and co. arrived in time to temporarily ruin her life.

A Surcoth – Lizard-like alien who took the form of Thomas Gideon in order to retrieve his fellow Surcoth’s corpse from Wesley. Not necessarily evil, but definitely sexist… so… hooray?

The Eternals – A race of people who, as you might expect, live forever, so have devised a number of games and races in order to keep themselves entertained. They have no concept of death, and treat mortals as disposable toys.

Plus more!

The Good:

DW Cuckoo and UG 3

The end moments of Cuckoo, a.k.a. the good bit.

I really loved Uninvited Guest. It’s just a single issue and takes place in just one scene, but the Doctor seemingly just has enough with The Eternals and arrives at their dinner party, verbally runs them down and then sets off an explosion that robs the Eternals of their eternal life, reducing them to “mere mortals” and taking great delight in telling them so. That’s it. It’s a single scene of The Doctor getting one over on a bunch of arrogant pricks. What’s not to love about that?

While I wasn’t too fond of Cuckoo, the art was lovely and extremely detailed. It was a treat to eye visually, that’s for sure. Plus it was nice that The Doctor just let the Surcoth go with his kin’s body, despite the fact that it has killed a few people… Very uncharacteristic for the Seventh Doctor, although I guess in the end there was no harm, it wasn’t a threat to the Earth or anything.

The Bad:

Didn’t enjoy Cuckoo much. It was slow going, and although I liked the reveal and design of the Surcoth, not a lot happened. Plus Ace was at her New Adventures worst here, having a strop on the beach and leaving The Doctor and Benny to go off and actually take part in the story. It wasn’t all bad, as I said above I liked the ending and the artwork, but the first two parts were a bit of a slog…

The Continuity:

DW Cuckoo and UG 1

Yep, just this panel alone makes you want to see them get their comeuppance…

Cuckoo stands on its own, with no ties to previous or future continuity. Uninvited Guest features the Eternals, who have only made one prior appearance in the Fifth Doctor TV serial “Enlightenment”, and haven’t really made a full return since.

Overall Thoughts:

A mixed bag and a quiet end to the Seventh Doctor DWM comics run, though Uninvited Guest was a great way to go out, showing the Doctor at his most spiteful and angry…


3 Star Read

Uninvited Guest:

4 Star Read

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