Game of Thrones – Season 7 Episodes 6 & 7 Review


Game of Thrones’ Season 7 finale certainly achieved what it needed to: it gave some great moments, both action and dialogue-based, and set everything up for the big finale next Season. For that it’s hard to fault the last two episodes, though there are one or two things that stick out a bit… but nonetheless: hooray for good TV! Let’s take a closer look!


Jon, the Hound, Jorah, Beric, Thoros, and Gendry journey beyond the wall with Tormund and two other Wildlings in order to capture evidence of the impending army of death to present to Cersei Lannister. Meanwhile a potential rift in the relationship between Sansa and Arya might threaten what little stability is left in the North…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

GOT S7 P3 2

A more pleasant meeting than their last one…

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) – Daenerys finally arrived in Westeros to find her plans to conquer the continent have been stalled due to the Night King and his army of the dead, something she will soon see with her own eyes…

Jon Snow (Kit Harington) – Jon Snow may be King of the North, but he is far more concerned with being able to keep the North alive and safe from the invading undead…

Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) – Cersei is obsessed with keeping the power for herself and her potential child, and even a jaw-snapping undead might not deter her ambitions…

Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) – Arya is a well-trained killer who has found herself back home and playing politics with her sister and her advisor “Littlefinger”… it won’t be long until she uses her skills again…

Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) – Tyrion is bother a member of the Lannister family and a loyal “Hand” to Queen Daenerys, something he hopes might work in their favour when it comes to convincing Cersei that the apocalypse is a little more of a pressing matter than staying on a throne…

Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) – Jamie is growing more and more concerned by the day. As if the knowledge that they can’t beat the Dothraki forces wasn’t bad enough, he soon become convinced of the deadly Night King and his army… but does his beloved sister feel the same way?

Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) – Sansa is currently in charge of Winterfell as Jon is away with Daenerys, and she is finding the job hard, not least because of her sister Arya… not to mention her advisor…

Sandor “The Hound” Clegane (Rory McCann) – The Hound has found himself a purpose in life when he saw a vision of the White Walkers and the Night King, and is dedicated to stopping them… although that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about certain incidents in his past…

Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish (Aidan Gillen) – “Littlefinger” is dedicated to Sansa… at any cost, but will never let his guard down or play all of his hand…

and many… many more!

The Good:

GOT S7 P3 3

Mmmmm… satisfying comeuppance….

Episode 6 had some… timing flaws, but otherwise the battle beyond the wall between Jon et al. and the undead was great. Some tense scenes, some old fashioned “thing leaping out of the fog” horror, and a full scale battle that cost Daenerys one of her dragons. I loved the scene of The Hound throwing rocks at the undead and using colourful language, only for a rock to miss and slide across the ice, teaching the undead that they could now cross and attack, leading to the Hound simply saying “fuck…” A lot about the battle was annoying (see below!) but it had its moments leading up to it… In fact I think I enjoyed the conversations between all the characters at the start of the episode more…

Episode 7 had the big meeting between pretty much all the relevant characters that are still alive, and once again the highlight was all the interaction. The Hound and Brianne, Tyrion and Bronn, and finally seeing Jon, Daenerys and Cersei in the one place after all this time. The negotiations went as well as you’d expect, leading to another fun and tense scene, this time between Tyrion and Cersei, the two having great hatred for each other, but managing to talk.

Of course, Cersei is actually being incredibly stupid and short-sighted once again and the army she promised them she’s going to keep for herself to take back her land and then … wait to see which enemy comes for them. Thankfully Jamie points out how stupid she is and leaves, despite threat of death (which he knew Cersei wouldn’t actually do) but … yeah, Cersei is stupid, but in an entertaining “I want to see her downfall” kind of way…

Across the two episodes was a story that seemed to be Arya and Sansa having a disagreement orchestrated by Littlefinger, only to then turn out to be Littlefinger FINALLY being out-played. The scene in Episode 7 where he is caught unexpectedly at his own trial and then tries to beg for his life before getting his throat slit was a satisfying scene, especially given it featured all three remaining Stark children uniting together. It took a good while, but he finally got what was coming to him. It tied in nicely to Sansa and Arya quoting their Dad in a scene shortly afterwards about how a lone wolf will die in the cold, but a pack survives. Now we know that Jon is actually a Targaryen (though admittedly still half Stark, but you know, you take on your Dad’s surname) it really is just the three of them left to continue the Stark lineage.

Then we get the final “datadump” at the end of the episode, featuring Bran and Sam putting the pieces of Jon’s backstory together… just as he is having sex with what turns out to be his aunt… Egh… and we then see the Night King ride his zombie dragon and break down the Wall at Eastwatch, allowing his army to finally cross over into Westeros. A great cliffhanger.

The Bad:

GOT S7 P3 1

A very good part of the only bad part…

There we two things that kind of took me out of the moment during the big battle beyond the wall. Firstly, the timing. I know a lot of people have been complaining about the lack of taking travel into account the series has done recently, but it never really bothered me… until seeing Gendry run from well beyond the wall to the Eastwatch gate, then get a message written, having Deanerys get the message across the other end of the continent and ride her dragons all the way to beyond the wall in time to save them THE NEXT MORNING was a far too stupid for even me to turn a blind eye to.

Secondly seeing Jon easily able to climb onto the dragon with everyone else and escape, but for some reason choosing to walk away and attack as many zombies as he could before telling everyone else to go without him… You idiot! Just jump on the dragon and leave! Then he gets dragged under the icy waters only to just get out again and saved by his uncle Benjen, who is swiftly killed because presumably he plays no part in the finale so they needed to off him. I can buy that since Jon was brought back from death he is more capable of surviving than others, so the icy water survival doesn’t bother me, but it really made Jon out to be a bit stupid… or a lot stupid…

Overall Thoughts:

GOT S7 P3 4

I like to call this piece: “They’re screwed now!”

While Episode 6 had some good moments (especially the Night King awakening the dragon) it was pretty annoying in the end. Not so much I’d crap on it, but compared to Episode 7, which hit the right note in scene after scene, it seems even less competent. I can’t give this chunk of story a single score, I will have to split the episodes, one if good, the other was great.

Episode 6 “Beyond the Wall”:

4 Star Watch

Episode 7 “The Dragon and the Wolf”:

5 Star Watch

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