Game of Thrones – Season 7 Overall Review


The seventh season of Game of Thrones can mostly be summed up by two things: characters finally meeting each other, and setting up the big finale. Now, there are also one or two big action set pieces, don’t get me wrong, but those were the main goals this season, and they were perfectly done! If I had been writing this blog back when I finally watched the series a few years ago (catching up via a Sky Christmas marathon) you’d have seen that I’m not someone who goes crazy about the show and every aspect of it, but I will definitely tip my hat to Season 7. Very few flaws and plenty of “can’t miss” TV. Let’s take an overall look at the season then, shall we!


Jon Snow organizes the defence of the North with the help of his sister Sansa, while Cersei tries to even the odds against her new enemies: Daenerys, Tyrion and their large army, who soon arrive on Dragonstone Island. Meanwhile Samwell discovers crucial information about how to defeat the White Walkers and Arya Stark completes her revenge…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

GOT S7 4

It’s just like Season 1… only Tyrion isn’t pissing over the wall!

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) – The Queen of Dragons (amongst a million other titles) has finally made it back to the place of her birth, with the intention to rule the 7 Kingdoms…

Jon Snow (Kit Harington) – After returning from death Jon Snow has accomplished a lot: uniting formally un-unite-able people, becoming King of the North… and putting up with his sister (or cousin, I guess…?) Sansa…

Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) – The ever more heartless Queen Cersei is still on a quest to avenge the people she feels responsible for the death of her children… oh, and ruling the 7 Kingdoms. That as well.

Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) – Arya’s quest for vengeance against those who wronged her family is now half complete, but will she head straight for Cersei, or take part in a Stark reunion?

Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) – Tyrion is now the top advisor for Daenerys, and he’s hoping he’s both backed the right horse and that his strategy at the battle of Black Water wasn’t a one off…

Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) – Jamie is becoming more and more conflicted and he sees his sister/lover turn into a power mad, cold monarch. He’s still in charge of the Lannister army, at least… that’ll keep him busy…

Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) – Sansa is a little peeved at her bastard brother (although, well…) for gaining the seat of power she expected, but she is at least being somewhat nice about it… Somewhat…

Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) – Kind-hearted and a getting less naïve as the days pass, Samwell is trying his best to use the knowledge of the great library of Oldtown to help his fellow allies at The Wall, as well as potentially everyone in the 7 Kingdoms…

Sandor “The Hound” Clegane (Rory McCann) – Formally nasty and violent soldier, The Hound has found himself travelling with The Brotherhood Without Banners, apparently to stop the on-coming threat of the White Walkers, something Clegane could scarcely believe… until he sees it for himself…

Bronn (Jerome Flynn) – A former sellsword who is trying to make his way up the social ladder, though no one told him what that might end up including…

Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish (Aidan Gillen) – “Littlefinger” is dedicated to Sansa… at any cost, but will never let his guard down or play all of his hand…

and many… many more!

The Good:

GOT S7 3

“What’s the worst thing you can think of happening? … Well, it just happened.”

Despite only have 7 episodes, where do I start? I guess I’ll go with Jon Snow and his meeting with Daenerys. This was the first time the series felt like some sort of cross over due to how far apart the two characters have been the past six seasons, and it happened perfectly not only thanks to the two in question, but also their supporting cast of Tyrion and Davos. Daenerys’ plans (or rather Tyrion’s plans) to beat the Lannisters and conquer Westeros go pair shaped at the start, but that only leads to the big set piece of the season in Episode 4 where she, her dragon Drogon and the Dothraki army lay waste to the Lannister army in a stunning battlefield sequence. Definitely the highlight of the season for me. Daenerys eventually sees the light when it comes to the Night King and his army of the dead and by the end of the season she is along with Jon Snow pleading to Cersei for a ceasefire while they deal with him. I really enjoy the scenes of “negotiation”, not just because it was the first time nearly all the (living) cast was in the same place, but it had good tension going for it. The fact that Jon and Daenerys are direct relatives being laid out to the viewer as the two are having sex was just… Luke and Leia kissing x1000, and should be interesting to see where that goes…

The Starks in Winterfell had a good season as well. Arya finished her revenge and soon met back up with Sansa in her home town, finding out that Bran had also returned (though was some weird… fortune-teller guy…), meaning the last, fully fledged Starks had reunited. That lead into Littlefinger, after seven seasons of being an untrustworthy snake, finally getting his comeuppance by being killed by the family whose mother he had loved so much. It was a satisfying scene, and set the final season up nicely with a quote about a pack being stronger than a lone wolf.

Cersei was pretty hard to take this season, but then that was by design. Completely self-obsessed and utterly unlikable, even her brother/lover Jamie is clearly seeing her for the insane woman she is. Jamie had a good run as well, his reaction to finding out the lady he just gave a swift and painless death to had been the one to kill his son, followed straight into the previously mentioned colossal battle with the Dothraki and dragon where he nearly got killed. His (sort of) friendship with Bronn has been fun to continue to follow, he makes for a good bit of comic relief, but also a good fighter as shown, once again, in the big battle!

Although a bit softer with a more noble goal, The Hound and his sweary sarcasm was still a highlight of the season. In fact he and Tormund were the only highlights of a weak Episode 6. Sam got a good bit of praise and then left in time to join everyone in Winterfell, and Jorah got cured (by Sam!) and returned to his Queen’s side, and seems to be staying there … for now.

Sitting somewhere in the middle is the Greyjoy saga. Theon once again is made out to look like a complete fool and a coward, and looks unhappy for nearly the entire season, but at least in the final moments of the last episode he grows a set (not literally, sadly for him…) and seems to have taken back the rebel Greyjoys and is about to lead them against his Uncle (something I forgot to mention in my Episodes 6 and 7 Review…) I could have done with that sooner rather than a whole other season of cowardly Theon, but hey ho. Euron Greyjoy just comes across as a second rate Ramsey Bolton, but never mind… he’ll do as someone who gets killed in some grizzly and/or satisfying manor next year…

The Night King and his White Walkers have been well built up, and the scene where he wakens the dead dragon to be apart of his army was great. The very end scene of the season where the Night King uses the dragon to break down the wall at Eastwatch was a great cliffhanger to end on.

The Bad:

GOT S7 2

Together again!

In terms of this season, Episode 6 is “The Bad”. It has some good moments, some good dialogue at the start and the stuff in Winterfell pays off nicely later, but the bulk of the episode is a fight between Jon Snow and his followers against the Night King and his army of the undead so he can grab evidence to show Cersei. The fight is well done, and has some more great dragon action, but it suffers from two major problems: the amount of time, or lack of it, it takes for a message to be sent and help to arrive, and Jon Snow walking away from his way out of the mess to pointless kill more zombies and potentially die… again. His Uncle Benjen suddenly arriving to help him and then die just screamed of “we have to get rid of this character, so this happened”.

The big fight on the Greyjoy boats in Episode one was far too dark to really see what was going on, so I wasn’t a fan of that. Gendry returned, became a hammer-wielding fighter, left the hammer behind to fetch help, and then didn’t appear again. Great? Could have left him behind, really…

Overall Thoughts:

GOT S7 1

The level of CG this series can put out still amazes me… How far TV has come!

Game of Thrones heads towards its finale, and does so with seven episodes of great dialogue and with multiple big scenes that work, barring one. The battle in Episode 4 is one of the best of the show, and the big reveals and teases in the final episode was great. The story across the season was top notch, both on it’s own and to set up the big finale. A rare 5 for an overall! Roll on 2018! … I hope…

5 Star Watch

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