Legends of Tomorrow – Season 3 Episodes 10 – 15 Review

LoT S3 P2

Legends of Tomorrow continues to be a source of great entertainment in the Arrowverse, able to be serious when needed but never loses its sense of fun and adventure. In this mid-way chunk of episodes we get a couple of appearances of John Constantine, once again played by Matt Ryan, as well as Kid Flash joining the team. Do these new additions work? Well, let’s see shall we!

Official Synopsis:

In 2017 little Nora Darhk is being possessed by Mallus, and John Constantine is confused by hearing the demon say the name “Sara Lance”. John soon meets up with the Waverider and its crew, and realise that their goals aren’t so far apart…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

LoT S3 P2 1

We are gathered here today… to show off a good chunk of the main cast in one picture.

Sara Lance / White Canary (Caity Lotz) – Sara knows her task is to find and defeat Mallus, and because of the difficulty of this task she is avoiding the obvious attraction from Ava Sharpe… and trying to avoid a certain exorcist she has to hang out with…

Ray Palmer / Atom (Brandon Routh) – Ray and his Atom suit are handy in a lot of situations, but pentagrams and demons from other dimensions are a bit above his head…

Mick Rory / Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) – Rory may have slowly gotten over crime and arson-y ways, but he’s still no saint, and the appeal of fighting a formless demon just isn’t there for him… Now give him someone he can punch in the face, then fine!

Amaya Jiwe / Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) – Vixen is back on board the Waverider and back in a relationship with Nate. This is what she ran away from, so she had mixed feelings… That being said, he totem is needed to fight Mallus, so she certainly isn’t going anywhere…

Nate Heywood / Steel (Nick Zano) – Nate is back with Amaya, which is what he wanted. He’s also stuck in a fight with demonic entities and magic totems, so… you take the good with the bad and all that…

Zari Adrianna Tomaz (Tala Ashe) – Zari is free of her dystopian future of hate and suffering… only to be stuck on a timeship fighting demons with her magic totem… Not sure which is better…

Wally West / Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) – Wally broke up with his girlfriend (from another Earth) Jess, and has taken it hard. He’s been using his super-speed to visit calming locations and to find a new direction…

Mallus (John Noble) – Evil demonic entity from another dimension, he needs all of time to collapse so he can be free again…

Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) – Now fully resurrected, Damien is serving Mallus while protecting his daughter Nora. I’m sure revenge against the man who killed him is also on his to do list, but that’ll have to wait…

Nora Darhk (Madeleine Arthur) – Nora has been possessed by Mallus since she was a child, she barely remembers having any free will. What little she has is still clinging onto the love of her father…

Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) – Ava is a higher-up in the Time Bureau. She has a thing for Sara Lance, not that she’d let that interfere with her work…

John Constantine (Matt Ryan) – John is an expert exorcist and demon fighter, hailing from… “Vague Accent City, England”. He once saved Sara Lance’s life, and now wishes to get her to help him with something…

Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) – Rip escaped his time in prison within his own Bureau. He wishes to make amends for accidentally allowing the resurrection of Damien Darhk, which lead to the death of many good men… so, quite a bit to make up for then!

And many more!

The Good:

LoT S3 P2 3

“Hello luv, oh bloody ‘ell, settle down pet, etc.”

Most of the show is good, to be fair! The main cast work off each other so well, and even Zari is starting to fit in with her dry sarcasm, while Wally West being added to the team takes care of the “young, fresh faced” member of the team check box that was unchecked when Jefferson left. I love Matt Ryan’s Constantine, even if his accent is… just all over the place, I kind of love him for it. His appearances in Episodes 10 and 15 are well worth a watch.

Episode 11 also sticks out in my mind as it’s a Groundhog Day parody (which is at least mentioned by Nate within the show!) as Zari is trapped reliving the same few hours over and over, which always ends with the ship exploding. This is how she finds out stuff about her teammates and generally cools down. It’s really well written and funny, one of the better episodes, which is odd as it doesn’t have any of the villains in it…

Speaking of, Episode 13, “No Country for Old Dads”, has some great scenes with a younger Damien Darhk, a mere hitman, and how the current Darhk ends up having to take him on with magic (putting ideas in his younger self’s head). It was funny to see, and had some good bonding moments between the two Darhks (Damien and Nora, not the two versions of Damien!).

Finally Episode 15, “Necromancing the Stone”, is a good one. Sara becomes possessed by Mallus via the Death Totem and ends up taking out a good majority of the crew, before being stopped by a Fire Totem wielding Mick Rory. It also features some great Constantine / Ava scenes, and in general was a great episode.

This chunk of episodes also saw Time Bureau agent (then later, head of the Time Bureau) Ava Sharpe and Sara Lance get into a relationship… then later break up said relationship… presumably leading to a bit reveal (Rip told Gideon to delete Ava’s file as “Sara must never know who she is”…) that ends with them back together, or Ava dead… one of the two. Either way, it was fine.

The Bad:

LoT S3 P2 2

Just realised I never mentioned the pirate episode… ah well, it was… forgettable, apparently!

So after spending the first third of the season saying how she can’t get back with Nate because she has to return to her own time etc, etc, Amaya is now back with Nate… Great, I can’t wait for another “Sorry, must return to my own time now!” scene at the end of the series… Unless Nate joins her in her own time, which would be weird, but would kind of make sense, I guess…

Episode 14, “Amazing Grace”, was based around Elvis Presley having the Death Totem and bringing the dead back to life with his songs, which is amusingly bonkers, but it also had a pastor who hates his … I want to say nephew’s music due to religion and all that jazz. Makes sense, time-period-wise, but I didn’t enjoy the episode much in general.

I still find Damien Darhk a little too cheesy this time round, apart from episode 13 which had the right amount of cheese and seriousness. He’s too over-the-top, and I still don’t like the fact he’s already back after only last season…

Overall Thoughts:

LoT S3 P2 4

Evil Sara Lance, from this dimension still… just possessed by evil. Take that other-Earth Laurel on Arrow!

The middle is about advancing the plot and building up to the end, and once again Legends of Tomorrow has done that well. The showdown with Mallus is looming, and threat of the Darhks is real, and several crew members have Totems… or super-speed (which is really just cheating…) so it looks like it’s going to be a fun finale! Fingers crossed it lives up to it.

4 Star Watch

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  1. movieresearchcompany April 17, 2018 / 2:06 am

    Nice review! LoT continues to be extremely creative with their adventures and more importantly, fun! Glad it got renewed right ?


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