Supergirl – Season 3 Episodes 10 – 18 Review

Supergirl S3 P2

Due to the odd scheduling of the Arrowverse this time round, Supergirl’s second third goes up for review just a week or so before Flash and Arrow get their finales put up! Carrying on from before Christmas, Supergirl and her team have to go up against Reign, the “worldkiller”, and then as it turns out, she’s not alone… Let’s have a look!

Official Synopsis:

Two days after Kara’s defeat by Reign, the DEO and the Legion use the latter’s technology to heal Kara from her injuries. This saves her life but she remains in a coma, causing the Legion’s Coluan member, Brainiac 5, to enter her mind to try to wake her…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

Supergirl S3 P2 1

Brainiac 5 and Kara have a heart-to-heart in ther latter’s head!

Kara Danvers / Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) – Supergirl’s not only unconscious, but her confidence has taken a serious hit after she failed to defeat Reign. If she wants to help her friends, she’ll have to overcome her own self-doubt first…

Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) – Alex isn’t used to seeing her adoptive sister get hurt, after all she’s from Krypton! Seeing Kara in a coma has shaken her to her core, but she must move forward and find a way to get revenge…

James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) – Jimmy is happy to be in a relationship with Lena, but is unhappy about his friend Supergirl being beaten to near-death. Swings and roundabouts!

J’onn J’onzz / Martian Manhunter (David Harewood) – J’onn has been reunited with his father, who he long believed dead. Sadly the coming of the Worldkillers has kind of put a dampener on things…

Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) – Winn is happy to be working for the DEO, and things are looking up… well, apart from the whole Supergirl beaten to near-death thing.

Mon-El (Chris Wood) – A Daxamite from the present, who was sent to the far future, only to travel to the distant past in the hopes of being awoken in present so he and his two teammates can save the future… Got it? Oh and he’s also Kara’s ex-boyfriend. That too.

Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) – Being the daughter and sister of two known criminals has its drawbacks, but Lena is managing to have a normal life, in spite of everything…

Samantha Arias / Reign (Odette Annable) – Samantha is worried about her health as she keeps having these blackouts, but little does she know how “sick” she really is. As Reign she is literally a threat to the whole world, so a bit more serious than “some blackouts” then!

and more!

The Good:

Supergirl S3 P2 3

No… I’m sorry the top of that toy looks too much like a penis. Can’t unsee that now… Argh!

There were a few standout episodes in this chunk of the season. Episode 11 sees Supergirl, Livewire and Psi (along with Imra from the Legion of Superheroes) head to the remnants of Fort Rozz, still floating in space. It leads to a showdown with Reign again and Livewire is seemingly killed. It had some good moments and a fun setting. Episode 12 saw the return of Lillian Luthor after her daughter is targeted once again by Morgan Edge. Lillian battles Supergirl and Mon-El in a very Lex Luthor-y green exosuit, which was fun.

Episode 14, “Schott Through the Heart”, is a good examination of Winn, who often gets reduced to “geek who comes up with the exact thing they need”. His Dad, the villain known as the Toyman, dies in prison, but a new Toyman takes his place, leading to Winn’s mother to return and help the team. While it felt a bit odd to have a story where Winn reconnects with his lost mother just a few episodes after J’onn has reunited with his long-lost father, but regardless it was a good episode. Had some fun Supergirl and Mon-El training scenes as well.

Finally, Episode 17, “Trinity”, sees the three Worldkillers finally come together and end up fighting the lead protagonists in a well scripted big battle, worthy of the grand finale. Instead the other two Worldkillers die and Reign absorbs their powers and flies off, bringing the series back down to Supergirl vs. Reign, although now she knows Reign is in control of her friend Sam’s body, so… It’ll be a bit different at least!

I also liked the thread of distrust between Lena Luthor and Supergirl due to the former keeping (and then making) some Krytonite, even though it ended up taking down Reign long enough to capture her in Episode 18. Lena confessing her lack of trust of Supergirl to Kara was fun, though how Lena, being as smart as she is, hasn’t figured out the two are the same person yet I don’t know…

Oh and I also liked Brainiac, he’s well cast and amusing.

The Bad:

Supergirl S3 P2 2

“So wait, I’ve been down here for weeks and everybody is still buying the lies you’re telling? …. Handy.”

The main thing I didn’t like about these episodes is that I view these superhero shows very much as fun escapism with the odd bit of drama thrown in, so what I really don’t want to see in J’onn dealing with his father having the Martian-equivalent of dementia. That’s the kind of depressing soap opera storyline I have no intention of watching, so to see it shoehorned in is rather annoying. I don’t want to be reminded of how hard it is for a son to have to deal with it, it’s not the kind of reality I want in my show featuring super-powered aliens beating the crap out of each other.

The plot of Reign not being the only Worldkiller and there being two more started off interesting, but by the end of Episode 17 was pointless. It was clearly just a way to stretch the Reign story to fill 23 episodes without having endless small fights between Supergirl and Worldkiller, and even though I liked the end fight with all three of them, a lot of the other episodes weren’t that interesting, and have now been made retroactively pointless. Oh and why, with three WORLDKILLERS trying to… well, kill the world, did no one even mention Superman? You can’t have him appear and help out in the previous season and then not even mention him when the whole world is at stake. At least have a character say he’s off-world or in some kind of crisis and can’t help out… SOMETHING.

Boy, if you thought James Olsen had no purpose before, now he’s occasionally in scenes with Lena, though often just on the phone wondering what she’s up to. Speaking of Lena, the “keeping Sam in an underground bunker and experimenting on her to help her” story was a good plot point, but it was strung out for far too long to be believable.

Although I don’t mind Mon-El now and like Brainiac 5, Imra is rather dull, even when she was telling her dramatic backstory. The fact they all froze themselves back in time and woke now to defeat one of the other Worldkillers was … convenient, and a little clichéd, but I’ll let it pass.

Overall Thoughts:

Supergirl S3 P2 4

Oh no! Not Livewire! … Wait, don’t really care.

Supergirl’s third season moves on with an equal amount of ups and downs, though a more depressing down really affects my enjoyment of the show. Still, some really solid episodes save this from a similar score to part 1 of the season, let’s just hope they can continue the upward trend for the big finale…

3 Star Watch

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