Doctor Who: Ravenous 2 – Seizure Review

DW Rav2 P3

Ravenous 2 ends with “Seizure”, a story that goes full on with the horror clichés, though admittedly with a Doctor Who twist of being set inside a dying TARDIS. We’re finally introduced to the Ravenous, or a member of the Ravenous, who turns out is some sort of demonic… zombie… thing, who likes to have a bit of a chat. Let’s take a look!


As if it wasn’t enough to be trapped in the labyrinth of a dying TARDIS and pursued by a ghost, the team find themselves face to face once more with the Eleven. But the Doctor has bigger things to worry about when he discovers they’re being hunted by the only creature to strike fear into the hearts of a Time Lord: The Ravenous.

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

The Doctor (Paul McGann) – The Doctor has received a distress call from The Eleven, and is wondering how best to respond, while his companions think it would be best not to respond at all…

Liv Chenka (Nicola Walker) – Liv has no interest in rescuing  The Eleven, I mean, it’s clearly a trap, right? Or worse…

Helen Sinclair (Hattie Morahan) – Helen still has bad memories from her time with The Eleven, so the idea of seeing him again doesn’t fill her with much joy…

The Eleven (Mark Bonnar) – The Eleven is experiencing a rare side of his personalities: fear. Trapped on a dying TARDIS with a Ravenous foe, he’s become desperate enough to call his old foe for help…

The Ravenous (George Asprey) – The Ravenous are right out of a Time Lord horror story, demonic creatures that feed off of Time Lords and their regeneration energy. This one though, is anything but a story…

Jaxa (Pippa Haywood) – Jaxa is a Time Lord who had her TARDIS stolen by The Eleven, at the cost of her life. So why is it then, that she’s still walking around the ever shrinking halls of her ship?

Plus more!

The Good:

DW Rav2 Seizure Cover

The Ravenous certainly looks the part of creepy monster that stalks people and stuff, I’ll give it that much!

The concept of a claustrophobic “haunted house” style story but on a dying TARDIS is a fun one, and it’s used well here, with the endless corridors and rooms slowly shrinking and vanishing as the TARDIS dies. What’s also good is the ship’s telepathic circuits going haywire as it dies and how it effects The Doctor, who can’t help but get washed over with an uncharacteristic wave of fear. All in all it allows characters to be separated without that old illogical cliché of “let’s split up!” and it gives a good playground for the Ravenous to slowly stalk the halls.

Speaking of the Ravenous, he was fine. Teeth chattering (or was that supposed to be fingernails clawing? It’s hard to tell…), horrible and loud wail and dialogue about wanting to feed and feast and generally being not very nice to talk to. It’s not the most original creation, and I don’t really see the concept as it stands being able to sustain two more boxsets, but as an enemy in this scenario it was good.

Jaxa, while it was pretty soon before I realised it was the former TARDIS owner that The Eleven had killed, was also, again, fine. She was dead but her link to her TARDIS’ telepathic circuits meant her existence was still milling around the ship, at least until the ship itself also died. Not much to say about her, a few good “ghosty” scenes, and she was handy in explaining a bit more about the Ravenous to Liv while she was being stalked, but that’s all.

Oh and after the disappointing Twelve from the Time War series, it was nice hearing Mark Bonnar’s Eleven again. His ability to actually give proper personality to his… various personalities is what really makes the character so fun, and what was missing in his next incarnation…

The Bad:

I didn’t really like it ending on such a major cliffhanger. The whole episode felt like build up and then we got nothing for it other than “tune in next time!”, which is annoying when the next time is months away. The Eleven has stolen The Doctor’s TARDIS and now The Doctor, Liv and Helen are trapped somewhere with the Ravenous, so don’t get me wrong it will be fun to hear the resolution, but instead of a good episode and then a cliffhanger, it felt like we got half a story and then a cliffhanger…

Compared to the two other stories in this set, this is the most generic. As you can tell by the tone of the some of the Good paragraphs, nothing was bad per say, but nothing blew me away. It had some fun concepts and a some good scenes, but it wasn’t anything special, and that really stood out following on from a good story and a great two-parter.

The Continuity:

DW Ravenous 1 Cover

I still think the Krampus and his Imps looked more scary than the Ravenous… ah well…

Apart from The Eleven running from the Ravenous being set up in the closer of the previous boxset, “Sweet Salvation”, nothing to connect this to previous stories. It will obviously connect directly to whatever the opener of Ravenous 3 is, but the title hasn’t even been revealed as I type this, so… can’t really link to it!

Overall Thoughts:

Seizure is a perfectly fine little horror story, but the Ravenous wasn’t anything more than a stalking horror, so it’s hard to see how this concept will sustain another two boxsets. After two superior stories, the fact it’s just good or average makes it seems worse in comparison. It might end up being the start of a really good plotline, or it might not. Either way, Seizure gets an average score, it wasn’t bad, but it didn’t really blow me away either

3 Star Listen

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