WWF In Your House (PS1) Review

WWF In Your House

Now I can’t remember whether I played this first or Power Move Pro Wrestling, but given this is sort of the last gasp of the 2D era (not including Fire Pro games!) I thought it would make sense to do this next. Plus, thanks to a Smash Bros. marathon I have planned, this will likely be the last Wrestling Game Rundown review of this year, giving us 2019 to dive fully into the realm of early 3D games… What’s that? WWF In Your House? Yeah, it’s shit. Don’t bother with it. You want to know more? Oh well, fine then…



Check out those… ugh… great visuals…

WWF In Your House was released in the US on October 31st 1996 for the PS1, then a month later on the Sega Saturn, and a month after that on PC. The game was released in Europe on the PS1 in December 96, and on the Saturn the following year.

The roster features Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Owen Hart, The British Bulldog and The Ultimate Warrior, as well as the WWF game debut of Vader (though he had already appeared in two previous WCW games I never owned…) and the general game debut of Goldust (though he also appeared in two WCW games prior to this as Dustin Rhodes, but you know… talk about far removed gimmicks!), Ahmed Johnson, and most significantly: Hunter Hurst Helmsley, the future Triple H… man, what a horrible game to make your debut in…



HHH and the Undertaker’s recent “final match” was all well and good, but it didn’t take place in a crypt!

IYH plays pretty much the same as “The Arcade Game”, with a few exceptions, like more wrestling grapple moves alongside the weird lightning et al attacks, and everyone being able to do a press-slam move. That being said, everything just seems… off. The game looks like crap (see below!) and the matches last a minute or so (and once again are two out of three “rounds”, though this time a three count isn’t even made. You just lay on top of your opponent and instantly win if they have no health…) You can also build up a combo meter and unleash a barrage of strikes, as well as actually hit a finisher this time for extra damage (though a lot of them look a bit shit…)

As for modes? Same as last time, you can either go for the IC or World titles, with increasing difficulty (including frequently being booked in handicap matches), and you can do a tag title run with a second player. There is also a “season mode”, but it’s just a Mortal Kombat style ladder, you face each other character in the game in a row to win. Your rewarded with some brief clips from actual WWF TV, about the only thing that makes this seem like a step up to disc-based game…

Graphics and Sound:


Wow, the power of the Warrior indeed!

WWF In Your House looks like it was the game WrestleMania: The Arcade Game was based on. The digitised sprites are worse, the moves are less fluid and look really crap (especially the effects on the more fantasy moves) and generally it just looks… cheap and awful. The arenas are all, baring one, weird fantasy locations, or the Hart Dungeon. You have a cinema for Goldust, you have a “creepy” crypt for The Undertaker, a weird level based on playing cards for Owen Hart (as he was the “King of Harts”, you see!) and so on. They all look really low-rez and shit.

The sound? Oh man, it’s bad. No background music, so when you’re fighting all you hear is the same electric guitar riff over and over signifying you’ve gained combo meter, and the same few lines of commentary from Vince and Mr. Perfect on repeat. It’s properly annoying, and after just a short time you’ll be driven up the wall…

Thoughts Then:


Hey look! It’s the Sharpeshooter! …. Sort of… not really.

I had learned my lesson and just rented this out once, on the off chance, and … nope. It was crap, and somehow felt worse than how I remembered The Arcade Game being like (turns out I was right!)

1 Star Game Old

Thoughts Now:


Good luck getting that around your waist, Bret!

Wow, this is how I remember these two games. Really bad digital sprites, crap gameplay, horrible “soundtrack”. This is just bad on every level. Unlike The Arcade Game, my score is exactly the same as it was back in the day. If anything, it seems worse after actually liking its predecessor a little bit when I reviewed it a few weeks ago…

1 Star Game New

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