Legends of Tomorrow – Season 4 Episodes 9 – 16 Review

LoT S4 P2

The second half of Legends of Tomorrow’s fourth season was much like its first: mostly fun and light-hearted, with a bit of drama here and there, but a lot of the jokes failed to land with me, unlike the previous seasons. Still, more good than bad, so let’s take a look at it!


The Legends know the name of the demon they must destroy: Neron. But before any of that, they have more escaped monsters to track down, and possible corruption in the Time Bureau…

*spoilers appear from here on out!*

Cast of Characters:

LoT S4 P2 2

Well… it’s two of the cast of characters, anyway…

Sara Lance / White Canary (Caity Lotz) – Sara is the leader of the Legends, and is juggling capturing mythical creatures with a relationship with the head of the Time Bureau, but she likes to think she’s managing it well…

Ray Palmer / Atom (Brandon Routh) – Ray is in love with Nora Darhk, who has decided to let herself get captured to atone for her sins, which is noble, but does leave Ray feeling a little lonely…

Mick Rory / Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) – Mick is enjoying his time writing his erotic fantasy novels, especially making them become real with his magic book… oh and he occasionally steps out to defeat magical creatures. That too.

Nate Heywood / Steel (Nick Zano) – Nate is working for the Time Bureau rather than the Legends, and is actually starting to connect with his father… which is shame if it leads to more betrayal…

Zari Adrianna Tomaz (Tala Ashe) – Zari is constantly thinking about the post-apocalyptic hell she grew up in, but being in love with Nate at least takes her mind of it a bit…

John Constantine (Matt Ryan) – Constantine is going up against the demon Neron, the creature that took away the love of his life. He’ll need all the magic he can muster, and help from his newfound friends…

Charlie (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) – Charlie is a shapeshifter who has joined the Legends after running through a few hoops. Her shapeshifting powers can come in handy, in the right situation!

Nora Darhk (Madeleine Arthur) – Nora has done some bad things in her life, not all of it her fault, but either way she does want to set things right and is willingly incarcerated at the Time Bureau.

Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) – Ava is in charge of the Time Bureau, though what she doesn’t realize is that she’s not really the one making the key decisions at the moment…

Mona Wu (Ramona Young) – Mona had a job looking after the magical creatures at the Time Bureau, but led to love with the hairy beast Konane, which then led to being on the run from her own employers…

Gary Green (Adam Tsekhman) – Gary is the super nerdy office-type who works at the Time Bureau. He desperately wants to be liked and looked up to, maybe even become a member of the Legends…?

Neron (Christian Keyes / Brandon Routh) – Neron is a demon who wishes to control Hell and lead the demonic forces onto Earth to capture more souls, and to do so he’s using the body of John Constantine’s old lover…

Tabitha (Jane Carr) – Tabitha is a Fairy Godmother who is fed up of doing the duties of her position, and since being banished to Hell, she’s met and fallen for Neron. The odd couple now want to be reunited and rule over all who oppose them… awwww…

Plus more!

The Good:

LoT S4 P2 1

“Hang on the minute, didn’t you used to be called El Santo?”

The main thing is, once again, the interactions between the various cast members. John is once again especially fun with his dry sarcasm (and bad accent), and Ray and Sara are still fun but flawed characters. In fact the last few episodes, where Neron is possessing Ray’s body, are great because Mr. Routh plays a great villain, as it turns out, and scenes of John in Hell walking around trying to find Ray’s soul were a good laugh, plus it ended up tying up a major loose end from his cancelled series.

Some of the stand-alone episodes were good early on. I appreciated Episode 9 as a life-long wrestling fan, as the beast Konone is hidden in Mexico and becomes a Lucha Libre star. It ends with the creature being killed in front of her human love interest Mona, who then turns into a monster herself, which is an interesting twist and ends up with a funny scene when Sara and co. have to find her in 70s America. That episode was a good laugh as well, with a road trip, Richard Nixon kidnapped in a cupboard, and a bug that forces you to tell the truth all adding some amusing scenes. A coma/dream sequence where Sara has to save Ava from her own purgatory, which turns out to be a massive hardware shop, among other things, was a good laugh as well. An episode that featured Constantine going back in time with Neron to meet an ancestor of his was good too…

On the flip side, the plot revolving around Nate and his father was often touching, with Hank dying early on in this batch, but managing to reconnect with his son in the afterlife. In the last episode it seems Nate gave his life to stop Neron, leading to him watching his friends grieve for him from above sitting next to his Dad. The two finally connect properly before Nate is revived, his father looking on proudly. It was one of those rare really well done serious storylines you get in this show from time to time. It also featured Zari changing her own dystopian future and therefore erasing her time with the Legends away from history in order to save her love Nate, which was dramatic and then immediately funny when Nate is suddenly hugging Zari’s brother Behrad thanks to time changing, everyone suddenly acting like he’d been a part of the Legends forever.

The Bad:

LoT S4 2

Mona being taken away by the… obnoxious… character… police? (sorry, I couldn’t think of a clever way of putting that…)

You know those shows where a funny side-character suddenly gets promoted, but doesn’t stop being a one-note joke? Gary, the office nerd, is that in this season. He becomes a key character but doesn’t stop being unbelievably on-the-head nerdy character, to the point where he just isn’t believable even in the world of LOT. He just started grated on my nerves towards the end, they needed to add a layer or two before giving so much more screentime, even if the plot of Neron giving him his lost nipple back, but it being evil, made me laugh… mostly Ava claiming he was “Nipnotising” people… Anyway, in general he was over-exposed.

Mona also got on my nerves a bit, her Hulk-out transformation was an interesting spin, but she was still rather one-note and had a bit of a grating voice. The half an episode that was focused on Mick being a trashy author and turning up to a convention but using Charlie to act as his pen name was really … not very fun, for me personally. It just, for whatever reason, didn’t land and I was just rolling my eyes whenever we cut back to it. So as I said in the opening paragraph, the show was still fun for the most part, but there were these little bits that just made this season less funny for me…

Overall Thoughts:

LoT S4 P2 4

Aww… a happy ending. For a few seconds, anyway.

The latter half of Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 was an enjoyable fair, with a bit of drama mixed in with plenty of laughs and good ideas. A few negatives bring it down a bit, but only in short bursts here and there, I can still say I enjoyed my time with the season overall…

4 Star Watch

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