My Top 10 Doctor Who Stories of 2019

Top 10 Who 2019

2019 was a weird year for Doctor Who stories, as there was only a single, solitary episode on January 1st, meaning this list is pretty much entirely Big Finish (I’m always behind on the comics I’m afraid). Still, which Big Finish was best? Did their anniversary release come up big? Did the one TV episode place at all?! Let’s find out!

Top 10 Who 2019 10

The number 10 spot was hard because there were quite a few stories I felt were good, but not amazing. I was tempted to put the War Master story “Anti-Genesis” here so I could talk about the War Master finally not taking the top spot, but in the end I decided to go with Planet of the Drashigs, just because I love “Carnival of Monsters”, especially the Drashigs, so I was happy to see them back, and handled so well despite being audio-only. (My review of Planet of the Drashigs can be found HERE)

Top 10 Who 2019 9

This is another story that took me by surprise, though mainly because it didn’t sound all that interesting, and it seemed like it was just a lost story made for the sake of it, but I actually ended up really enjoying it, to the point where I think it was a genuine shame that this was turned down for apparent budget reasons (though I don’t see how, now I’ve experienced it)  (My review of Nightmare Country cane be found HERE)

Top 10 Who 2019 8

It’s nice to see the 10th Doctor here on the list, his audios being so rare and all (well, the ones that actually star David Tennant anyway). The Creeping Death creates a great sense of dread, and more impressively, creates some side characters that I actually gave a damn about. It really slots in the “Series 4” era of the show to boot! Good all round. (My review of The Creeping Death can be found HERE)

Top 10 Who 2019 7

How very odd to be talking about “The Iron Legion” in a 2019 Top 10 list, but here we are! Big Finish’s first go at adapting a comic rather than a book or unused script went extremely well, they nailed the odd humour and setting, and Tom Baker was clearly have a ball throughout the entire story. Hard to wipe the smile off of my face during this one. (My review of The Iron Legion can be found HERE)

Top 10 Who 2019 6

“The War Valeyard” was such a stupid idea… until you thought about it. Gallifrey was fighting  a war and their greatest asset, The Doctor, is refusing to take part, so why not use his evil other-self? Then it got even better when the episode in question actually broke down the character of the Valeyard and made him genuinely interesting rather than just a cackling evil stereotype, scoring points all round! (My review of The War Valeyard can be found HERE)

Top 10 Who 2019 5

Ah, yes… here we go. Now I’m sure you’ve noticed how I’ve picked individual episodes out of some sets (like above) but roped all of these together, but as a big celebratory release with a half an episode that ties everything together, I felt this was the best way to do it. The Eighth Doctor story “Lies in Ruins” and the Third Doctor story “The Sacrifice of Jo Grant” were absolutely top class, and make up for an averagey rest of the set, with the exception of a purely fun final act with all the Doctors together (which includes a really fun 10th Doctor cameo with Docs 1 and 2!) A good set all round, but not the best of the year like we were all hoping (My review of The Legacy of Time can be found HERE)

Top 10 Who 2019 4

Well, if we only got one episode this year, thankfully it was a good one. Resolution may have given us a bit of a redesign for the Daleks (or for this one Dalek, anyway) but the story itself was purely good old fashioned Dalek storytelling, complete with characters you don’t want to see die, and scenes that make the Dalek look so effective you know they might. A subplot with Ryan’s Dad is the only real negative. (My review of Resolution can be found HERE)

Top 10 Who 2019 3

What’s this? A two-by-two parter combo that effectively uses the idea? A story that has a properly interesting new setting at its core, followed by one that has an amazing and out-of-nowhere ending that actually gives The Fifth Doctor and Tegan some character development? Wait, am I actually excited to hear the next story in a Fifth Doctor story arc? Amazing stuff, I hope they can keep the momentum running! (My review of Warzone / Conversion can be read HERE)

Top 10 Who 2019 2

I was really mixed going into Daughter of the Gods. On the one hand, the idea of having a “Fifth Anniversary special” that sees the First Doctor cross over into the Second Doctor’s era sounded brilliant, but on the other had Katarina and the Daleks Master Plan AGAIN? Thankfully this was less Master Plan and more an interesting examination of Katarina, and a really fun Dalek story… plus some funny and well-written banter too! This hit so many right notes that it was hard to put it second place, but damn it I’m a sucker for continuity hole-filling… (My review of Daughter of the Gods can be read HERE)

Top 10 Who 2019 1

The Day of the Master was everything I had hoped it was. I mean, it was a shame that the whole three and a half boxes of Ravenous set up was abandoned to fill in a gap in The Master’s timeline, but my God it was done so well! Such great interplay between Masters, or between Masters and Doctor/companions, and the final scene, where we see (or hear, rather) the Melty Master finally get given a new set of regenerations and the implication  that the Macqueen Master is indeed the first body in this new set gave me a smile that had to be surgically removed. I’m aware that this is three #1 spots in a row for Derek Jacobi, but at least this is an Eighth Doctor story rather than a War Master set this time! (My review of The Day of the Master can be read HERE)

See you next year, where we’ll at least have more than one TV story to talk about…

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