“Scrolling Sundays” A New Weekly Feature Starting Tomorrow!

Scrolling Sundays

So the news of the release of Streets of Rage 4 made me and my friend play through a whole bunch of Scrolling Beat ‘Em Ups, our favourite genre as kids, a couple of months ago, and I of course took a bunch of screencaps during our escapades with the hope of turning it into this very feature. Then we were both stuck in our own houses unable to meet due to a certain global crisis, so we only got through 15 or so…

Still! We got through our favourites (including SOR 1-3) so I decided to fill in the gaps myself, even if single player isn’t half as fun. Now why weekly and not “on and off” like my other featured things? Well, there are a lot of them, but they’re really easy to review for the most part because the Gameplay section is often brief (and the story even briefer!) so I knew I could easily write enough ahead that I could keep a review a week going, unlike the actually “on and off” Wrestling Rundown, which requires more than a single session of play plus some research to create. Sundays was previously the only day I never posted on (barring the old weekly marathons) so it won’t ever “get in the way” of other things I post, and “Scrolling Sundays” brought a brief smile to my face, so why not?

Much like my Games to Movies “on and off” Marathon (which is returning next week!) when I hit a series of games I’ll review them in a row, otherwise they’ll be reviewed in release order and will only feature games I’ve played in the past (funnily enough, with the exception of the first two games on the list that I played FOR this feature because they were on Nintendo Online) or present, I guess. This means I’ll only have to wait a few months to review Streets of Rage 4 instead of, like, over a year… hooray!

So look forward to plenty of overweight fire breathing guys, lift levels and questionably dressed women attacking with whips every Sunday morning!

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