Doctor Who: Wink Review

The next, and final (for now…) release in the makeshift-titled “Out of Time” range sees the Tenth Doctor end up encountering his Sixth self, but unlike the previous two stories this was actually a great stand-alone Weeping Angels story that happens to feature two Doctors, where as the other two stories felt they were very much created just around the concept of it being a multi-Doctor story. Let’s take a look!

The story has a really unique setting as the planet, Lucidus Silvara, is normally entirely bathed is white light, meaning the people who live there are entirely blind, to the point where they have no actual concept of seeing things. The Tenth Doctor arrives due to a time anomaly where as the Sixth suddenly appears and acts surprised as he was on the planet but at a time of a rare eclipse that makes the surface visible. This is where they find out that Weeping Angels are about, and that the Sixth had been zapped back in time by one without realising. They head back to the time of the eclipse and find the main city of the planet is accidentally surrounded by a mirror-like rock that had frozen a large army of Angels in place. That was until a local resident named Dax (Clive Wayward) decided to move one of the statues and set it free…

So not only is there plenty of multi-Doctor hijinx (and there is, the two bounce off each other so well here!) but the setting and use of Angels is great. The Doctors are accompanied by two female residents named Padilla and Estra (Ayesha Antoine and Joanna Van Kampen) though they struggle to convey things to them due to their complete lack of knowledge on how seeing things works. Obviously because the people of the planet can’t see at all the Angel has an easy time with the residents of the town, and it does the old manipulating a dead person’s vocal cords trick we’ve seen before so it can have a bit more of a presence.

Great cover, simple but effective… Sorry, nothing funny to say about it!

Throw in some genuinely fun time travel stuff and you have a frankly great hours listening. Like I said the two Doctors have some great back and forth, like the Tenth partially song-quoting “An Angel to left of me, Angel to the right and here I am stuck in the middle with you!” with the Sixth lamenting “Oh, you’re one of those Doctors…”, or the Angel revealing how many regenerations further down the line Ten is, leading to the Sixth saying “Oh, you’re further along than I thought!”, and Ten this time lamenting “You have no idea…”

The Continuity:

Not much to go on here. Ten exclaims “Not again!” when the Sixth reveals himself, implying the two previous releases, “Out of Time” and “The Gates of Hell”, must have taken place quite close to each other. Also Ten is trying his best to stop the TARDIS from travelling to the Ood Sphere, saying he’s still not ready, so this story is quite close to his finale in “The End of Time”. Meanwhile “old Sixie” is still early in his life, in fact the Tenth Doctor recommends he starts having fun and that wearing blue might be a good idea, placing this before Evelyn Smythe began her travels with the Sixth Doctor and began to mellow him out…

As for the Weeping Angels? Well, they’ve now entered such a level of repeat use that listing all their appearances would take too long! I will say though that the previously mentioned using of a victim’s vocal cords trick comes from the Eleventh Doctor two parter “The Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone”.

Overall Thoughts:

Wink could’ve easily just been a fun multi-Doctor story like the previous two entries in this sub series but instead it was a top-class sci-fi story, a great Weeping Angels story AND a fun multi-Doctor story. It over-delivered in a big way! High recommended.

The big fun twist came when the Angel zapped literally the entire population of the city back in time, then did the same with The Doctors, using their time energy to create an army of duplicate Angels. It’s here that the population of the city 300 years into the future paradoxically end up building the mirrored city that they lived in, trapping the new Angel army in their own reflections and making them the Angels that lined the future city.

It was a fun twist, though as once someone is zapped back in time they can’t be brought forward one of the girls mentioned that this technically meant they were there own ancestors, which is a bit weird, but hey-ho…

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